Kundali Matchmaking 101: Wed Mayhem
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Kundali Matchmaking 101

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Dying to know if you and your betrothed are a match made in heaven? You might want to consider kundali (or kundli) matching, a must in Hindu culture for couples looking to wed. In India, to ensure a couple’s happily ever after, many use Kundali matchmaking, which analyzes the natal charts of the bride and groom to check their compatibility. 

Kundali matchmaking compares the bride and groom’s horoscopes and matches them based on things like temperament, friendship, wealth, and attraction, the goal being to find a compatible couple to enjoy a long, successful marriage. 

How to see your compatibility

Because not just anyone knows what the heavens looked like the night you and your love were born, you’ll need to consult a Vedic astrology expert. (Or the Internet!) 

Vedic astrology experts use the couple’s exact birth dates and time—preferably down to the minute and second—and where they were born to access their charts. This way they can see exactly what the stars were doing when each were born, and, most importantly, if the stars are trying to bring the couple together. 

There are no hard and fast rules on compatibility in Kundali matchmaking, as it must be tailored for each individual couple based on their unique horoscopes. Luckily, the Internet is there for us if you don’t have an astrology expert in your saved contacts. 

You can enter your and your partner’s birthdate details on sites like Astroyogi or Astrosage, and the magic of twenty-first century living will whip up your natal charts in a jiffy. Hopefully, you’ve met your match, but remember that fate is also what we make for ourselves. 


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