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Unique Wedding Catering Ideas From the Pros

When it comes to your guests, what you give them to eat is often their wedding highlight. (Yes, they’ll love the handwritten vows you slaved over, but come on, we all know it’s the cake they’re after.) Besides setting the tone for your event, wedding food is often what people most remember, so of course you’ll want to give them a spectacular food memory. 

Now that events are back in full swing, caterers say they’re seeing couples get more creative with the food than ever. “We’re seeing people being a little more unique in all elements of their event, including food,” says Bonnie Vidal, director of sales for Golden, Colorado-based catering company Biscuits & Berries. “Now that the floodgates have opened and everybody is out and about, having something that sets their event apart is important to people. It’s super fun for us because we love getting creative.”

We asked professional caterers for their wow-factor wedding food ideas, because when it comes to your friends and family, you want to give them options that are a little more exciting than the typical steak or fish. Here, five unique wedding catering ideas that will make everyone’s mouths water.

1. Get nostalgic

While many couples saying ‘I Do’ may not fully remember the ‘90s, they certainly remember the food. Biscuits & Berries’ Vidal says that couples are getting playful with retro snacks and desserts like Cosmic Brownies, Lunchables, and Dunkaroos. “We’re seeing a lot of people bringing in familiar snacks that they had,” she says. “We do a lot of takes on Lunchables—that grab and go aspect where people can walk around with the food. Adult Lunchables are basically charcuterie; things that are very recognizable to people but done in an elevated way.” 

Adult Lunchable (Biscuit & Berries)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dots (Biscuit & Berries)

How to do it at your wedding: Think about your favorite after-school snacks—Hot Pockets, Bagel Bites, Fruit by the Foot!—and kick it up a notch. Odds are your caterer knows (and also loves) Dunkaroos and can make a killer updated version for your dessert table. Or pass around mini versions of your favorite Hot Pocket flavor during cocktail hour.

2. Interactive stations

If it’s true that we eat with our eyes first, then presentation is everything. Creating interactive food stations where the snacks and treats are presented in a fun way can double and triple as wedding décor and entertainment. Think: Hanging displays, roaming carts, live sushi rolling stations, desserts being set on fire, dramatic uses of liquid nitrogen, and even robotic service. 

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (Studio Lemus Photography)

Hanging Desserts (Biscuits & Berries)

How to do it at your wedding: The key is to take something you know you want to serve, like champagne or cotton candy, and then shake up the presentation. Instead of setting glasses on the table, make a wall of champagne flutes (yes, a wall). And a simple LED stick instantly makes that cotton candy an Instagrammable glow-in-the-dark sensation. 

 3. Food as a conversation piece

Give your guests something to talk about by serving unexpected, creative bites and dishes. “Something we do that’s super fun is using molecular gastronomy to make something look like one thing, but taste like something else,” Vidal says. “Like it may look like a cracked egg on a spoon, but it’s coconut cream and mango, or you have pearls that look like caviar but they’re balsamic. Fooling people; having something for people to talk about.” 

Deviled ‘Eggs’ Mango Explosion (Biscuits & Berries)

Mini Street Corn (Biscuits & Berries)

How to do it at your wedding: Give your caterer the freedom to “fool” your guests. Whether that means using molecular gastronomy to create food switcheroos or passing around a totally new version of street corn, fun food can be a delicious ice breaker. 

4. Ice cream finally gets its day

Ice cream is big at weddings, and really, doesn’t it deserve to be? The sweetest, coldest, creamiest treat, it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite dessert, and it can be served so many different ways. From sundae bars to super scoops to thick cookie-based sandwiches, nobody loses when ice cream is involved.

Dots (Biscuits & Berries)

Dots (Biscuits & Berries)

How to do it at your wedding: Give your caterer the freedom to “fool” your guests. Whether that means using molecular gastronomy to create food switcheroos or passing around a totally new version of street corn, fun food can be a delicious ice breaker.

5. Go local

Take advantage of your wedding locale—whether that’s in your own backyard (literally) or in a far-flung destination—and incorporate local foods into your menu. From using local makers for your sweet favors and reception food to highlighting quirky hometown favorites, there’s no better way to get to know a place than by its food. 

Pimento Puff Appetizer (From The Hop Photo)

Mini Pop (Biscuits & Berries)

How to do it at your wedding: If you’re getting married at home, you probably have a long list of favorite restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Serve the ice cream you had on your first date or ask your local pizzeria to deliver some late-night pies. For a destination wedding, research local specialties, like ackee quesadillas or jerk chicken in Jamaica or lobster rolls in New England.


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