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Wedding Trends 2023

wedding trends

While there are a lot of non-negotiables when it comes to weddings—bouquets and receptions are probably here to stay—other wedding day details are subject to trends. (Remember poofy sleeved wedding dresses in the 1980s?)

Each year, trends emerge to give that season its own unique vibe and feel. And conversely, other formerly must-have wedding day particulars fade away. And who better to give us a sneak preview of 2023 wedding trends than the professionals obsessively planning and plotting them right now? From florists to planners to DJs, these are the people creating the trends of tomorrow.

So we asked the wedding pros: What’s hot and what’s not for weddings in 2023? Here’s what you might be seeing more of this wedding season.

In Living Color

Sarah Rovner, owner and lead designer at Calla Blue Florals, sees pops of bright reds, pinks, and oranges in your future. “This year’s color is bright and bold,” Rovner says. “And we florists are not mad about it!” While she says last year was filled with elegant whites and greens, this year is going to be a lot more vibrant.

wedding bouquet
photo credit: Katie Fletcher Photography

Flower Power

“For 2023, I think big statement floral pieces are going to be in,” says Calla Blue Florals’ Rovner. “ Think: hanging installations above your dance floor or big doorway arches at your reception entrance.” Creating a single, over-the-top floral focal point can mean more bang for your buck—and lots of guest photo opps.

wedding arch

Welcome to the Club

Of course, you’ve already planned a killer playlist for your reception, but to truly keep the dance party going all night, Eric Hovey, entertainment director at Hovey Entertainment, says more couples are opting for musical remixes, the kinds you’d hear in a dance club. To create a club-like vibe at your wedding, Hovey says more couples are “not playing the full song, but instead two minutes max of a song.” 

Everyone Makes an Entrance

It goes without saying that the bride and groom are the stars of the show, but more couples are choosing to share the spotlight. Instead of just a wow-worthy reception entrance by the couple, Hovey says he’s seeing more grand entrances by the wedding parties. How it works: a high-energy song plays while the bride or groom introduces each member with a fun little tidbit. It gets more people involved and helps guests get to know everyone.

photo credit: Heirloomsnaps

Think Small

“Quality over quantity,” says Amanda Nsheiwat, owner and event designer at Colorado Lighting and Event Services. “Bigger is not always better. Weddings are becoming smaller and more intimate, leaving more room for specialty items such as ambient lighting, draping, and decor options.” Because if you’re not feeding and boozing up 300 people, you might have more money to spend on creating a really spectacular event. Not to mention more quality time with your nearest and dearest. 

Lounge Around

One way to nail a fresh, modern vibe at your wedding? Lounge areas create intimate spaces within your larger venue, encouraging conversation and connection among your guests. Nsheiwat says you can get the look with free-standing chandeliers, lighting, and draping options to provide the perfect ambiance.

photo credit: Shea McGrath

Destination Elopements

It may sound kind of strange, but more and more couples are choosing to get married before their wedding day. “Since the start of the pandemic, it is more and more common to see couples already married prior to the wedding,” says Allison Swomley, coordinator at Right as Rayne Events. “This year, however, we are beginning to see couples traveling abroad for their elopement instead of going down to the courthouse. Many of the couples who opt for a destination elopement do a minimoon post-wedding instead of a larger honeymoon.”

destination wedding

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching. (Literally.)

Want the magic of a first dance with your new spouse without all the pressure? Private first dances, away from the eyes of everyone else, are becoming more popular. “I love this because it is a way for the couple to connect away from the group and puts less pressure on them,” Right as Rayne Events’ Swomley says. “I hear so often how nervous people are to dance in front of everyone or how awkward it felt after the fact. By doing a private dance, all of that is eliminated.”

Personal Garb

“I think due to the oversaturation of the wedding industry, paired with social media, couples really strive to make their wedding unique,” Swomley says. “The newest trend is to have the partner’s name somewhere in or on their clothing. We are seeing embroidered veils and suit pockets, engraved rings and necklaces, hair pins and shoes with names on them—anything and everything!”

photo credit: Heirloomsnaps

Fine Prints

Photo booths have doubled as fun reception activities and mementos for a while now, but Jessica Santos, owner of CaptureMe Photo Booth, is seeing more couples ask for printed photos, rather than just digital. “Prints are back in style,” Santos says. “I’m not sure they ever went out, but with all the new digital-only booths popping up, we’re seeing the demand for printing. Most guests taking photos would rather have the printed copy before getting the texted copy.”

While these 10 trends are what’s hot for 2023, remember: the best trend to incorporate into your wedding is the one that resonates with you as a couple. Because being true to yourselves never goes out of style.

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