Wed Mayhem

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Five Everyday Arm Exercises to Tone up for Your Sleeveless Wedding Dress

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Kundali Matchmaking 101

See if you and your betrothed are a match made in heaven.

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6 Wedding Traditions to Ditch…and 3 to Keep

Traditions that should be retired and those worth holding onto.

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YES! Dream Wedding Dress & Cheap Budget | Kennedy Blue Try On

Reviewing affordable online wedding dresses!

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Upscale Alternatives to Silicone Wedding Bands

Three tried and true metal options for your wedding ring band.

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Tips An Expert Swears By For Wedding Ring Shopping

Everything you need to know before engagement ring shopping.

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Do’s and Don’ts For Writing a Wedding Speech

6 things to do when writing a wedding toast—and 6 things you definitely shouldn’t do!

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