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5 Wedding Buns to Complete Your Wedding Style

Showcase your bridal style head to toe with the perfect wedding-worthy bun! Updos such as a bun are extremely popular among brides, as they keep your hair off your beautiful face and makeup, as well as complement your dress instead of taking attention away from it. In this video, Wedding Wingman Theresa Bullock of the Bridal Goddess shares five bun tutorials: chic chignon, modern twist bun, whimsical braided bun, elegant side bun, and romantic princess bun. In this video, learn how to prep the hair, smooth flyaways, and make that bun stay all day.

Chic Chignon

Chic Chignon

Chignon is a fancy term for a type of bun with hair wrapped under, and this look complements another piece of hair on top. The elegant and chic style features clean lines and smooth hair gathered at the nape of your neck. This look works especially well with a dress with a lot of detail to create a nice balance. 

Modern Twist Bun

Modern Twist Bun

Embrace gorgeous texture with all the twists in this type of bun. The not too high, not too low bun keeps this style classic and complements a multitude of themes and dresses. This look works especially well with a flowy dress to continue the flowing look of your hair.

Whimsical Braided Bun

Whimsical Braided Bun

Calling all boho brides! The wild and free style features braids on each side coming together in a braided bun, with curls spilling out. Throughout your wedding day, it will become even more whimsical, as your hair will fall naturally in this messy style. This look works especially well for outdoor weddings and for brides wanting to feel like a goddess! 

Elegant Side Bun

Elegant Side Bun

Showcase one side of your face with a chic take on a classic look.  The swept-to-one-side style is all about elegance with its crisp and clean lines. This look works especially well with dresses with clean lines and structure, such as a satin dress. 

Romantic Princess Bun

Romantic Princess Bun

The ever-popular princess tresses bun is making a comeback! The high bun near the top of the head uses a hair donut for extra volume and gives you a lifted look. This romantic look is extremely versatile and works with a lot of dresses!

What You’ll Need:

Bobby pins

1-inch curling iron


Texture Powder

Shine Spray

Hair elastic 

Extensions – Theresa chose to use clip-in extensions to add fullness to this look.

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Theresa Bullock has more than two decades of experience creating wedding-worthy hair for brides and their best gals. She founded The Bridal Goddess to help brides transform their vision into a reality. Her passion for helping others “look and feel like a goddess” brought her to Wed Mayhem.

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5 Hair Products You Need for Your Wedding Day

Love is in the hair! Before you get hitched, you’ll realize that there are a lot of times when you’ll want to look your bridal best. Whether it’s getting ready for the big day, a bachelorette party, your bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, your hair will be in your hands. But not without advice from our wedding wingman, Theresa Bullock of The Bridal Goddess! Theresa shared with us her top five product recommendations you need for styling wedding-worthy hair!

In a survey done by Instyle, the most common hair complaints among women include frizz, hairstyles not holding, and lack of volume. Fight these problems head-on by prepping your hair with the right products. 

Wedding Wingman Wisdom

“One of the most important things that gets skipped quite often is prepping the hair appropriately for hold, texture and thermal protection. I will spend a good 10-15 minutes prepping the hair because it’s really the foundation of the hairstyle.”

01. Heat Protectant – Surface Hair Impulse Finishing Spray

Heat Protectant

First things first, if you’re going to be using heat on your hair, you should apply a heat protectant! If you’re going to be using a blowdryer, damp hair is acceptable; however, in other cases, your hair should be dry. 

Whether you’re using a spray or cream, remember to distribute by combing the product evenly from roots to end. While it might be easy to skip, remember that it’s a crucial part of getting wedding-worthy hair so that on your big day your hair will be healthy.  

While hairspray is not anything new to most people, applying it before styling is a hairstylist tip that can change your hair game! 

“If the hair is too slippery and you’re doing any type of braiding, twisting or bobby pinning, your hair is going to slide right out of the style.”

To say goodbye to stiff and crunchy hair, Theresa suggests finding a workable hairspray. When you apply your hairspray before styling, you should be able to run your fingers through the hair to disperse it evenly.  

After you finish styling your hair, apply hairspray evenly to lock in the style. Apply sparingly to smooth frizz and flyaways. If you’re worried about your hair rubbing or getting caught on your dress – like maybe in a fishtail braid – spraying the underside of the braid will prevent this from happening. 

03. Texture Powder – Surface Hair Push Styling Powder

If you have straight hair, or even wavy or curly hair – you till need to add in more texture!

“Texture powder is anyone’s best friend for hair. It will give you volume. It will give you hold. Overall it’s just fantastic.”

Apply texture powder to the root of your hair and at your crown, and skip your ends. This helps with hairstyles such as a half up, half down in which you have to defy gravity to get volume. 

The product will come out looking like baby powder, but don’t worry, after you rub it in the product blends right into the scalp.

04. Finishing Spray – Surface Hair Taffy Wax Spray

After styling your hair, Theresa suggests you use stay-all-day products. These finishing products are for hold and will ensure your updo won’t turn into a down-do.    

Finishing spray is a spritz hairspray that’s going to lock in your style and, as said in the name, finish it off. Wait until the hairstyle is complete and everything is in place, as this is a heavier spray and is not as easy to work with after applying. 

Finishing spray can be aerosol or a spritz. Theresa recommends a spritz for brides with a lot of texture in their hair, as they can hold that extra weight.

05. Shine Spray – Surface Hair Bassu Shine Spray

Shine spray
Some of Theresa’s favorite products.

Shine spray is perfect for weddings because it gives the hair an extra luxurious look. The hair will have an extra sheen – not too shimmery, but just enough shine to make it look extra healthy and gorgeous. 

Don’t go crazy with it or your hair could appear greasy. Just a few sprays here and there will make your hair look extra beautiful. 

Not only will your hair look glossy when the light catches it in person, but it’s a great trick to make sure your hair will photograph well and look good in your wedding photos!

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Theresa Bullock has more than two decades of experience creating wedding-worthy hair for brides and their best gals. She founded The Bridal Goddess to help brides transform their vision into a reality. Her passion for helping others “look and feel like a goddess” brought her to Wed Mayhem.


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