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3 Popular Veils Brides Say They Love

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While the dress you wear takes center stage, there’s something enchanting about the veil. Its history weaves through diverse cultures, each thread carrying symbolism and tradition. In ancient Rome, veils served as mystical shields, concealing brides from malevolent spirits that might thwart their happily-ever-after. Fast-forward to today, and wedding veils have transformed. They now hold myriad meanings: a nod to heritage, a cultural embrace, or simply a beautiful accessory. These delicate fabrics bridge the gap between ancient customs and modern choices, captivating brides with their timeless allure.

Now, we invite you to discover three exceptional wedding veil styles that guarantee a remarkable bridal appearance. Wed Mayhem has scoured Etsy and Amazon to find veils that have won the hearts of brides and have customer services worth noting.

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wedding veil, birdcage wedding veil,

Silver Veil


wedding veil, birdcage wedding veil,

Rose Gold Veil


wedding veil, birdcage wedding veil,

Lace Veil


One of the most popular bridal accessories these days is the birdcage veil. This is a type of veil that covers only part of the face, usually the eyes or the nose, and is attached to a hair comb or a headband. It gives a vintage and chic look to the bride, and it looks amazing in photos. A bird cage veil can add some drama and mystery to your bridal style, and it can also be easily removed after the ceremony. If you want to wear a veil that is different from the traditional long ones, a birdcage veil might be the perfect choice for you.


wedding veil, drape wedding veil,

Extra Long Veil


wedding veil, drape wedding veil,

2 Tier Veil


wedding veil, drape wedding veil,

Pearl Veil


A drape veil is a type of bridal veil that is attached to the hair with two combs or pins, creating a soft and romantic look. It drapes over the shoulders and back, framing the face and highlighting the hairstyle. Drape veils come in various lengths, from fingertip to cathedral, and can be made of different materials, such as tulle, silk or English net. Some drape veils also have embellishments like pearls, lace or flowers to add some sparkle and texture. A drape veil can look stunning in photos, especially when it catches the light or the wind. It can also add some drama and elegance to a simple wedding dress. A bride would want to wear a drape veil if she wants to achieve a bohemian, vintage, or ethereal style for her big day.


wedding veil, elbow wedding veil

Horsehair Veil Veil


wedding veil, elbow wedding veil

Pearl Trim Veil


wedding veil, elbow wedding veil

Simple Veil


An elbow length veil is a type of bridal accessory that covers the head and shoulders of the bride. It usually reaches down to the elbows or slightly below, depending on the height of the bride. An elbow length veil is a great choice for brides who want to show off their dress and jewelry, as it does not cover the back or the waist. It also creates a beautiful frame for the face and adds some softness and romance to the look. An elbow length veil can look stunning in photos, especially when it catches the light or the wind. It can also be easily removed or flipped back for the reception or the dance floor. An elbow length veil is perfect for brides who want a simple and elegant accessory that complements their style and personality.

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Accessories You Need and Want for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Dress Accessories

Accessories can make everything better! While some fashionistas argue your wedding attire is not complete without accessories, it’s important to accessorize meticulously to complement not distract from your wedding dress. First and foremost, choose accessories that are a reflection of your personality and style. Secondly, choose accessories that convey your wedding theme whether it’s a feeling you want to portray such as romantic, a color scheme you want to incorporate like pastels, or an overall aesthetic for example a western wedding. Lastly, when choosing accessories, think about anything you might need to make you more comfortable on your big day. We rounded up a list of both practical and stylish wedding accessories for every season and shared our current favorites across various price points you can buy today!


Say “I do” and protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses. This accessory is something brides often forget about and almost instantly regret it. While of course, you could simply just pack your everyday shades, what’s the fun in that? Here are some alternatives that are wedding-worthy and save you from having to squint if your venue is outside!

Sherri Oversize Cat Eye

We love the 1950s cat-eye mixed with the modern style of oversized shades. These timeless sunglasses have withstood the test of time for good reason and you definitely can’t beat that price!

Alani Cat Eye Sunglasses

This mid-range priced option is perfect for the chic and trendy bride. The square shape is very versatile and they’re polarized! The gold tones in the sunglasses will pair well with your gold jewelry. 

Tortoiseshell Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Treat yourself to a pair of designer sunglasses as a wedding gift to yourself. This timeless Fendi pair will truly be the gift that keeps on giving as you’ll be able to wear them all the time and remind you of the best day of your life.

Hair Accessories:

While hair accessories aren’t exactly a necessity, they are a great way to personalize your wedding day attire. In this list, we share a sampling of the many hair accessories on the market so you can find one that matches your personal style.

My Dearly Beloved White Organza Oversized Bow Hair Clip

Highlight your girly and romantic side with this oversized organza bow. We love how it’s both feminine and playful. Since the bow is on a clip it’s super easy to add before your reception for a different look! 

Flourishing Elegance White Beaded Pearl Headband

Embrace your inner princess with this crown. Choosing to style your hair and in something you frequently wear, like down, is always a good idea as you already know you like it. Adding this crown with branches adorned with pearls will elevate your everyday style.  

Danai Set of 5 Crystal Hair Pins

Add dimension and shine to your updo with these crystal hair pins. This is the perfect hair accessory to upgrade a bun for a special occasion and would be so adorable to also put in your flower girl’s hair. It will make her so happy!

White Beaded Pearl Headband

We love that this headband brings texture to your wedding look. The knit is perfect for a fall and winter wedding season as it reminds us of a cozy sweater. The knot and pearls also give the headband a nautical vibe, perfect for a coastal wedding.

Fall Wedding Hair Accessories

Flowers aren’t only for decor! We’re obsessed with the autumn-inspired colors of burgundy, cinnamon, and rust in this hair accessory! We featured above a set of 6 hair pins, but they also have flower crowns, hair combs, and if you want to match your bridal party they have boutonnieres and corsages for your groomsmen


Summer and destination weddings can get hot, hot, hot! Stay cool and look cool with a stylish fan. This accessory is unconventional but one you’ll be happy to have and also can double as chic prop in your wedding photos. Picture you and your hubby in a vintage convertible with a fan in your hand on your way to your honeymoon… photo magic! 

White Lace Embroidery Rose Hand Fan

We fell in love with this handmade fan as it’s so romantic and the perfect complement to your bridal attire. This handmade fan features lace detailing, bamboo and a tassel that’s foldable. 

Palm Personalized Hand Fan 

This woven palm fan is a perfect fit for a tropical beach wedding as they are handmade in collaboration with Mexican artisans. Not only are they a great bridal accessory, but a party favor for your guest especially since you can add your own custom engraving.

White Lace Embroidery Rose Hand Fan

We’re all about getting the most out of your accessories, and this personalized fan is the perfect memento. The elegant fan is made from a delicate cotton lace fabric and bamboo. Add your initial or a monstera for a tropical vibe to the silky fringe tassel.


You don’t need much on your wedding day, just the essentials. However, we promise a cute bag looks so much better than you holding your phone in all of your candid photos. All you need is room for your phone and makeup touch-ups! 

Gorgeous Finish White Beaded Sequin Rhinestone Floral Clutch

Bridal showers bring wedding flowers. We love this purse for a spring wedding as it will easily match your venue’s natural surroundings during that time of year. Use it as a clutch or opt to attach the silver chain strap.

Loco Small VLOGO Lambskin Shoulder Bag

Say till death do we part with your spouse and this Valentino bag. This timeless luxury bag is worth splurging on as it will not only look good with any wedding dress but any outfit in your married life.

Rochelle Blue Mini Bow Clutch

Check off your something blue and look stylish with this pastel number! Lean into this bridal tradition as an excuse to buy this stunning pleated bow clutch.

Eos Beaded Acrylic Box Clutch

Add a pop of color to your bridal attire with this funky clutch! Showcase your whimsical personality and tie in a bright summer color with this whimsical papaya tone. Make sure to check out the stunning jade green, neutral camel, striking persian blue and glacier patterns as well as classic ivory.

Stay Chic White Beaded Wood Handle Bag

This bag just screams tropical destination wedding to us! The detailing of the tiny seed beads and satin ribbons coming together to make a floral design with rhinestone centers and the circle wooden handles are what makes this bag so unique. We also love the sunshine yellow color option!


The options have been laid out for you, now it is time to choose the perfect first dance choreography for you and your partner!

Carolina Amato Viviana Silk Gloves

We know Jackie Kennedy would approve of these silk gloves. This luxurious pair is so soft and stops right above the elbow.

Ari Embellished Gloves

These gloves are a swanky take on a classic. The faux pearl and rhinestone embellishments line the gloves everywhere besides the palm of your hand which makes them a statement piece that is still functional. 

Blossom Veils Embellished Gloves

Courtesy: Anthropologie

Ooolala! Tell me these gloves aren’t sassy and chic? The sheer pattern adds style while the gems are playful. These gloves are everything, I might have to buy myself a pair!

Vintage 1960s Delicate Lace Gloves

Long gloves not your style? Try these shorter length delicate lace gloves with ascending pearls down the wrist! We can’t believe the price on these 1960s vintage gloves, try them in white or black! 


Hats off to you bride! A hat is a great option for a trendy and modern bride looking to add a little something to their reception look. A hat doubles as a protective layer from the sun and is a great way to highlight your wedding theme and your personality.

Room to Roam-ance Ivory Fedora Hat

This western-inspired fedora is perfect for a dessert wedding venue. While this is a more affordable option it looks much more expensive with its structured wide brim, teardrop-shaped crown, and gold-tone metal band.

Pearl And Crystal Trim Suede Hat

Cowboy hats are all the rage at weddings this year! We choose this mid-range priced hat as the glitter rhinestone band just adds a little bit glamor. Bonus points if you order this ahead of time so that you can wear it at your bachelorette party! 

Cash Cowboy Hat

The search for the perfect cowgirl hat ended with this one. The shaping of the cattleman crease crown with an upturned brim is just perfection. Spending a bit more will give you that perfect fit as this hat has an interior ribbon adjuster. We love that this hat comes into different shades of white, cream and creme so you can find one that matches the tone of your wedding dress.


These boots were made for walking… down the aisle. Shoes are a great way to bring your personality into your wedding day look. With outdoor weddings, boots are always a safe and stylish option because the last thing we want is your heel getting stuck or your feet hurting when tearing up the dance floor.  Again, we recommend you buy these statement shoes in advance so you can wear them at bridal events such as your bachelorette party or your bridal shower! 

Dagget Boot

You can’t get more perfect than these shoes for the cowgirl bride! These highly-rated iconic shoes feature premium leather, western embroidery, and a 2.5-inch heel. We can’t help but want to buy them in every color as they come in pink, black, green metallic, an icy pink, brown, washed brown, and a tan and white cow print. 

Betsey Johnson Women’s Cady Evening Booties

Make a statement with these booties! The classic bridal white keeps them on bridal theme, but they bring all the glam as they are completely encrusted with rhinestones that catch the light from every angle. The pointed toe and 3.25-inch heel make these classy and sassy! 

Dingo 1969 Full Bloom Leather Cowboy Boots

These boots are perfect for the bohemian bride! These cowboy boots add a subtle pop of color and texture with the flower embroidery. The casual western style features  lasting leather and a 2-inch heel. We can just picture a spring bride wearing these in a garden venue.


A veil is a timeless accessory that embodies the true essence of being a bride. It’s an accessory reserved for certain occasions, which is why it feels so special and sentimental. Adding a veil for your ceremony can completely change your look. While they are traditional, we love the variety modern veils offer in length and design. 

PARIS by Debra Moreland Floating Cathedral Veil

This cathedral-length veil is so dreamy! The double-lined veil has a finger-tip length blusher in front, ending just before your arms so you can still hold your bouquet underneath it. Get the best of both worlds with an second cathedral-length layer touching the floor.

Long Floral Veil

This veil will definitely turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Gorgeous embroidered rose appliques line the edge and up on the back of the long tulle. This veil will trail behind you as it is 108 inches.

Rose-Lace Appliqued Tulle Cathedral Veil

Bring on the romance with this dainty soft tulle veil. We’re obsessed with the lace detailing decorated with pearls and sequins for sparkle. The icing on the cake is the customizable aspect of this veil. Choose between an ivory or beige color and a shoulder, elbow, fingertip, waltz, or custom length.  

Birdcage Veil Wedding with Pearls

Get hitched and ditch the long veil for a short one! This birdcage veil is perfect for the classy and sophisticated bride with scattered pearls catching the light throughout. This veil uses a comb attachment, which is preferred according to a  bridal hairstylist. 


Accessorizing for fun and comfort is our favorite combination! An additional layer you can take on and off gives you just another way to show off your personality and choose something that goes along with your wedding theme. While you can plan every detail of your wedding, the weather is a variable you don’t want to have to worry about! Stress less and choose from our selection of jackets and wedding dress accessories for every bride and weather type!

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This veil will definitely turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Gorgeous embroidered rose appliques line the edge and up on the back of the long tulle. This veil will trail behind you as it is 130 inches.

Long-Sleeve Tulle Wedding Dress Topper

Get two looks with one dress! This topper is perfect paired with a strapless dress for the in-between spring weather. The sheer long sleeve will compliment your dress and features an eye-catching button closure back.

Cropped Tweed Frayed Hem Blazer

We love that the simplicity of this blazer will let your wedding dress be the star of the show, but adds a stylish textural element with the tweed and the fringe trim. The attention to detail and fit with its cropped hemmed, single button closure, and padded shoulder make this a winner.

BHLDN Gemma Pearl-Embellished Jacket

Okay, I know your jaw just hit the floor when you saw this one! I mean, come on. If you are looking for a wow factor, girl this is YOUR jacket. If you’re looking for your statement piece, you can rest easy now because this fabulous coat will get the job done.

Jenny Yoo Giselle Puff-Sleeve Bridal Cape

We love a unique accessory and this bridal cape just adds all the drama. The full-length cape features flower beading and we love how easy it is to add and completely change your look.

Faux-Fur Wrap

Fur and winter weddings go hand and hand. We love how fur contrasts and adds a textural element to complement a traditional wedding dress. This faux-fur wrap is subtle yet stylish and warm!

Dahlia Feather Jacket

We choose this coat as it’s still a fur coat, but a completely different vibe. This dyed ostrich feather number is an ode to the 1920s flapper and is both classy and bold. 

Wedding Coat 

Walk down the aisle of a winter wonderland in this elegant wool coat. Genuine arctic fox fur line the color of this floor-length coat. We love that this coat still allows you to show off the details of your dress sleeves.  


Did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck? Rather be safe than sorry during a rainy season and have an umbrella on hand. However, when choosing a practical accessory like this, we still want to have fun! Here are a few options that will look aesthetically pleasing in your wedding photos: 

Just Married Wedding Umbrella

We’re all about aesthetically pleasing and this bubble umbrella turns a functional item into a stylish accessory. We are always looking for that extra touch of sass and honey, this is it.

Just Married Wedding Umbrella

It won’t rain on your parade with this umbrella! This umbrella is just so picture perfect with white fringe detailing and surprisingly won’t break the bank! You’ll want to use it even if it doesn’t rain. 

We may receive a commission if you purchase from these links.

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