Incorporate Fall & Winter Seasonal Colors Into Your Wedding
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Incorporate Fall & Winter Seasonal Colors Into Your Wedding

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Fall and winter are just around the corner, bringing along rich, seasonal color options for your late 2024 wedding. Whether you’re jonesing for warm hues or luxe jewel tones to incorporate into your big day, there’s a little something for every couple looking to bring their palette to the next level.

We rounded up some industry experts to help you embrace seasonality and perfectly execute the color scheme of your dreams.

Decor Elements + Design

Starting off strong with decor and design, these details will draw your guests’ attention, regardless of whether you choose pops of color or a high-impact, moody, maximalist vibe.

First, Jen Sulak of Weirdo Weddings recommends narrowing down the top seasonal palette picks that really stand out to you. “You might be able to use some of the colors to complement each other. You can visually put things together with your team to see what color tones make the most sense and embrace the experience you’re going for.”

The reception experience, in particular, is best served with unique design touchpoints (pun intended). According to Rachel Maloney of Rachel Maloney Photography, your tablescape is an easy opportunity to get creative. “One of the best ways to include your colors is by having your planner look for elements with said colors in table details. For example, if your winter wedding color is navy, you can have taper candles in that color, along with napkins, lamps, or snowflake place cards.”

Adding Color To Your Attire

If you want some extra flair, step outside of tradition by mixing fall or winter colors into your attire.

“Rust-colored bridesmaid dresses are a popular option when incorporating seasonal fall colors,” says Jen Avey of Destination Weddings Travel Group. “Colored suits are also having a moment; a maroon suit would be beautiful, trendy, and seasonal! A more subtle way to incorporate fall colors into the wedding attire would be to have maroon or rust-colored ties, pocket squares, or even socks!”

Jen Avey of Destination Weddings Travel Group

The Finer Details

Checking off the major must-haves when it comes to your wedding’s color palette is a no-brainer, but what about all of the unexpected details?

wedding colors
Momental Design

Your stationery is often the first thing that guests will see, so setting the scene months prior with a standout colorway is a great first impression. Kelley Nudo of Momental Designs notes, “Seasonal color palettes are easily identified when couples choose shades like ochre, terracotta, and burgundy for a fall wedding or festive red and green for a winter wedding. Couples can decide if they prefer to keep the color palette incorporated into their stationery more subtle or if the color palette will be at the forefront of the design, but either way, the wedding stationery is an easy way to introduce the colors selected for the wedding.”

And don’t forget the cake! “Your wedding cake is a fantastic way to place your winter wedding color throughout your wedding design. I would love to see more couples with unique cake designs as it keeps guests excited for another event of the night!” Maloney adds.

Whatever color palette speaks to you and your partner’s style, there’s a wealth of ways to go big or stay subtle by weaving seasonal colors into your wedding.

wedding colors
Weirdo Weddings

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.

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‘Once Upon a Time’ to ‘I Do’ in an Enchanted Forest

Picture this: an enchanted forest straight out of your favorite fairy tale, where every step you take on your big day feels like a portal into a mystical realm. The towering trees create a natural cathedral, filtering sunlight to create a warm, dappled glow as you exchange vows. Aisle markers made of wildflowers lead the way, while woodland creatures peek curiously from behind trees as the wind carries the whispers of nature’s magic. Need some epic enchanted forest wedding ideas? Say no more. Join us as we step into a living fairytale where your love story becomes woven into the very fabric of nature itself. Warning: Your inner Tinkerbell will undoubtedly come to life by the end of it. Sorry not sorry.

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Wooden Wonders: The Whimsical Ring Box

Alright, let’s be honest. Finding a cute ring holder can be suuuuper hard. Whether you’ve literally been planning your ring holder since forever ago (Bride Wars style) or waited until the absolute last minute to put something together (relatable), we gotchu. There are plenty of ideas to go around. Why not throw your favorite aspects of nature together? Add some burlap ribbon, moss, dried flowers, rope loops, twigs, or pinecones, et voilà! Your very own stunning ring box. If you’re looking for an extra cute touch, personalize the inside cover with your initials and the date of your wedding. Bonus points for using a cushion of natural moss to nest the rings. After all, it’s all about the small details on your big day. Agreed? And TBH, it’s probably going to end up in a prominent place in your own home. So. Worth. It. 

Engagement Ring Box

Wooden Ring Box

Engagement Ring Box

Wooden Ring Box


Stump Serenity: Tree Stump Seating

Vintage chairs are cool and all, but TBH, tree stumps are really where it’s at. For rustic wedding seating in the woods, use sanded tree stumps in a circle. Trust us on this one. This setup is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and looks so. dang. good. Consider adding a mix of log benches or swing seats for guests with accessibility needs and keep the ceremony on the short side for everyone’s comfort.

Wood Seat

Wooden Bench


Nature’s Stage: Dramatic Forest Decor

What’s the best way to send your guests into a magical forest from a Disney film, you ask? Why, by incorporating natural forest elements into your decor, ofc! Some of our faves? A moss table runner that will deffs add an enchanting element to your forest feast, an archway with elaborate floral arrangements and drapery, or lush garlands as dramatic aisle markers. Add pops of color that will stand out against the green background with large and contrasting floral arrangements of blush-colored blooms, hanging daisy chains, or other contrasting flowers. What about succulents or baby’s breath as centerpieces? And don’t forget wooden signs that will guide your guests through the woods to the ceremony spot. All needs and not wants, if you ask us.

Wedding Arch Drape

Chiffon 3 panel drape.

Moss Green Tablecloth


Forest Fiesta: A Party In The Wild

Channel your inner adventurer and invite your guests to hike to your epic reception spot like the edge of a wide canyon after your hitching takes place. Get the party started by lighting a bonfire. Crank up that powerful Bluetooth speaker and play outdoor games, tell stories, dance under the stars alongside fireflies, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Better yet, keep that party going on all night with a wedding-style glampout and some luxury tents or yurts decorated with string fairy lights or Edison bulbs to bring in warmth. Oh, and if you need more night wedding ideas, check out our fab outdoor wedding ideas from TikTok.

Flickering Lanterns

Decorative hanging LED candle lanterns.

Glamping Tent Tepee

4 season hot tent with stove jack.


Bark and Bliss: A Cake to Fawn Over

Hire a fairy godmother to conjure up a magnificent cake with edible flowers, tree bark, vines, wildlife such as butterflies or birds, and magical crystals. Oof. Talk about a dash of whimsy. Or if you’re looking for more of a natural, rustic wedding cake, use pinecones, edible flowers, baby’s breath, or other forest forages on a bare cake standing on a tree stump cake stand. And can we all agree that a bird’s nest topper with a spun-sugar bird’s nest holding a pair of birds is the perfect topper to represent you and your boo? Nom. Save us a slice, por favor.

Wood Cake Stand

Acacia wood wedding cake stand.

Cupcake Stand

Acacia wood tiered serving tray


Nature’s Confetti: Organic Exit Toss

Anyone else think every wedding is better with exit tosses? Just us? Plus, they’re super duper easy to pull together. Instead of getting showered with rice, confetti, or other materials that could harm the forest, why not opt for eco-friendly options like herbs or flowers for your big exit toss? It all depends on your vibe, but if you ask us, lavender, eucalyptus, or flower petals are all classic, but fab ideas. 

Confetti Cone Stand Box

Stand tray holder for wedding confetti.

Dried Flower Wedding Confetti

Confetti from dried flowers & eco-friendly.


Enchanted Elegance: A Bride’s Fairy Tale Look

Get out that gorg princess dress! Stun your guests as you walk down the aisle escorted by an enchanting trailing train chic gown donned with delicate floral accents and golden lace with long, billowing sleeves and celestial appliques. Top that all with a long veil. Go all storybook princess style. Oh, and speaking of being a princess, you’ll need a crown to complete the look. Every bride needs her tiara. Wear a dainty crown filled with natural elements like twigs, flowers, and crystals for an ethereal touch or go the more traditional route and find a golden tiara with emeralds, rubies, or diamonds. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

Romantic Wedding Dress

White long sleeve corset gown with slit.

Gold Leaf Forest Crown

Leaf style wedding tiara in gold.


Savory Secrets of the Woods: Delightful Dining

It’s time to go all in on the food enchantment. We don’t know about you, but we love the idea of having every dish be a celebration of the earth’s offerings. Why not offer plenty of diverse ranges of fresh and locally sourced produce, including seasonal fruits and vegetables? We’re talkin’ everything from wild mushroom risotto to honey-glazed roasted vegetables. And what about incorporating earthy herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, into your dishes? Or having a Bangin’ BBQ that serves high-quality steaks and smoked salmon? Ofc, classic fare like hamburgers and hotdogs are SO our jam, too. Don’t forget to serve a signature forest-inspired cocktail. Sigh. So many options, so little time. 


Unite With Nature: Plant a Tree

Calling all green thumb brides: Why not plant a sapling as a symbol of your growing love? Think about it. Just as your love blossoms, so will the tree, intertwining your journey with the forest forever. The best part? Whenever you go back and look at that tree, you won’t just see branches and leaves, but a living representation of the life you’re building side by side – a love that continues to thrive and bloom, just like the forest around it. *chefs kiss*

Spruce Tree Seeds In Pencil

Unity ceremony with Spruce Tree Seeds

Succulent Glass Terrarium Kit

Unity ceremony with succulents.


Farewell to an Enchanted Day: Biodegradable Lanterns

Soooooo, lanterns are big. If you’re hosting your wedding into the night hours, then you obv need them. As the night draws to a close, have your guests release biodegradable lanterns into the sky. Let their warm glow be a tribute to your big day’s enchantment. The best way to bid adieu to a celebration that will forever remain in all your memories if you ask us. Because nothing makes a statement quite like lanterns. Pro tip: Get your guests to write a wish on each lantern. 

Floating Water Lanterns

Eco-friendly candle paper lanterns.

Eco-friendly Lanterns

Eco-friendly candle paper lanterns

Don’t be afraid to take your ‘happily ever after’ to a whole new level in an enchanted forest. Let your big day weave its own enchanting tale. ‘Cuz honestly, your love is as timeless as the trees in an enchanted forest. Choose this ethereal setting where the forest whispers its secrets and the stars twinkle in approval to embark on a journey into a realm where love truly knows no bounds.

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