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12 Italian Wedding Traditions We Love

Italian traditions

Maybe there’s a reason Italy screams romance. The stunningly beautiful European country is full of art, culture, history, welcoming people, and, yes, amore. So of course we should be stealing some notes from their wedding customs. From the best (and worst!) days to wed to how long your veil should be to—of course—what to eat and drink, here are 12 Italian wedding traditions you’ll want to incorporate into your own big day, no matter where you wed.

Stick to Sundays

For Italian weddings, Sunday is the luckiest day to wed; it signifies fertility and prosperity for the newlyweds. But stay away from Friday and Tuesday, which are said to bring the worst luck.

Don’t go for the gold

In many Italian regions, brides stay away from gold jewelry. Wearing anything gold on the day of the wedding (at least up until the ring exchange) is said to attract bad luck, so keep it silver, platinum, or anything but gold when it comes to your ceremony accessories. 

The long or short of it

According to Italian tradition, your veil length should reflect the length of your engagement. At about one meter per year you’re engaged, you’re going to have to wait a looong time if you want a cathedral length veil.

Break the ice

Following the wedding ceremony, you’ll see a lot of Italian couples breaking a glass vase or plate. If you incorporate this tradition, you’ll want to go big; the number of fragments you create is said to reflect the number of years of wedded bliss you have ahead.

One last fling

Dating back to ancient Rome, tossing rice at the couple is a very old Italian tradition. And the kind of rice being flung matters, too. Arborio means eternal life, basmati brings fertility and passion, and Roma rice ensures a lifetime of prosperity.

Dress code

As white is reserved for the bride’s gown, wedding guests should avoid wearing it. Don’t wear black, either; it’s considered a color of mourning in Italy, and this is a day to celebrate.

Song and dance

One of the most fun parts of a traditional Italian wedding reception is the La Tarantella dance. It’s an old folk dance where everyone holds hands and dances in a circle as the music gets faster and faster. It’s a way of wishing the couple good luck (and it’s tons of fun). 

Fun favors

Most Italian wedding guests are sent off with a small bag of sugared almonds, or the bomboniere. And the number of almonds matters, too. You’d typically gift guests with an odd number, preferably five or seven, to bring them good luck. 

Cut ties

A Northern Italian wedding tradition is to have the best man cut the groom’s tie into pieces at the reception, and then the couple goes around to wedding guests auctioning off the fragments. The tie pieces bring good luck to the guests, while the money the couple receives helps them pay for the wedding and honeymoon. 

Limoncello it up

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur, typically served as an after-dinner aperitif. Small bottles make for tasty guest favors, and post-dinner sips are sure to enliven your dance floor. 

Feast on this

Can we even talk about Italy without mentioning the food? It’s not uncommon for Italian weddings to serve a dozen courses—or more! And with so many delicious possibilities, this is quite possibly the best Italian tradition to bring to your own wedding day. Think: antipasto, salads, bread, pasta, meat, fish, pastries, and more dishes to fill everyone’s stomachs and put a smile on their faces. 

Let them eat cake

he classic Italian wedding cake isn’t a multi-tiered “cake” but rather a millefoglie. (From the French for a thousand layers.) This stunning creation is made of layers of crisp pastry, topped with fresh cream, and filled with whatever flavors you love, like fresh berries or lemon curd.

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Beyond the Registry: 30 Thoughtful, Practical, and Unique Wedding Gifts

Collection of Wedding Gifts

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a stressful task, especially when the couple doesn’t have a registry, it’s all picked over, or you want to find something more personal. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Our curated list of 30 extraordinary wedding gifts goes beyond the typical registry items, offering options at every price point and some of the most sought-after items right now. This collection of wedding gifts is perfect for the couple who has everything. With the pricier options, we recommend pooling your money with other wedding guests to collectively give a gift they’ll truly appreciate and use. Whether you want to inspire culinary creativity, elevate home entertainment, or provide ultimate relaxation, these unique gifts will make the newlyweds’ hearts skip a beat. Don’t settle for ordinary; choose one of these remarkable gifts to show your love and make a lasting impression.

Wed Mayhem may receive a commission if a purchase is made from the links provided.


Hatch Alarm Clock

This trendy alarm clock is all about elevating the art of waking up. Users can greet each day with tranquility as they gradually awaken to a simulated sunrise accompanied by nature sounds. Additionally, without having to rely on a phone for an alarm gives in turn allows you to disconnect from technology. Instead, they can immerse themselves in a nightly routine of reading light without blue hues and white noise to drown out distractions. 


Tea Tasting Assortment

Tea tasting box
Courtesy: Bloomingdales

Experience the comforting embrace of a delicious cup of tea with this exquisite tea set, making it the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts. The set includes two bags of 20 crafted blends, inviting recipients to embark on a flavor-filled journey. Blends include Blueberry Merlot, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Marzipan, Citrus Mint, Cucumber Mint, Darjeeling Quince, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling, Ginger Lemongrass, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, Lemon Lavender, Lemon Sorbetti, Mountain Oolong, Passion Fruit Papaya, Sencha, Strawberry Apple, Vanilla Peach, and Vanilla Pear. 


Theragun Mini

Handheld massager
Courtesy: Amazon

Get rejuvenating massage therapy anywhere with the click of a button. Designed to provide all the benefits of handheld percussion therapy in a pocket-sized form, the Theragun mini offers the ultimate gift of relaxation. Whether it’s the gym enthusiast seeking relief from knots or someone battling persistent back pain, this mini massager is a game-changer. Benefits include reduced pain, enhanced blood flow, improvised lymphatic flow, relief from muscle spasms, and a more efficient and effective recovery process. Give the gift of well-being and an oasis of tranquility! 


Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb giftcard
Courtesy: Airbnb

Unlock the world of exploration with the ultimate gift of travel! This is an ideal choice for couples who prioritize creating cherished memories and filling their passports with stamps, rather than accumulating material possessions. With an impressive selection of over 5.6 million active listings worldwide, the possibilities for travel destinations are endless on Airbnb. You can opt for a convenient digital gift card or visit reputable retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, or Whole Foods to obtain a physical copy. Treat your loved ones to the joy of discovering new cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable experiences with this extraordinary gift.


Pizza Oven

Someone using a pizza oven
Courtesy: Bloomingdales

Pizza night just got a whole lot better. ​​In just 60 seconds, this oven can whip up a perfectly cooked pizza that rivals their favorite pizzeria. But this gift goes beyond pizza—it’s a versatile tool that can be used for baking bread, roasting vegetables, grilling meats, and more. Its portability makes it ideal for outdoor gatherings, whether in the backyard or on an adventurous outing. With this pizza oven, they can gather their friends and family, create personalized pizzas, and turn any occasion into a truly memorable event. 


Sonos Speakers

Bluetooth speakers
Courtesy: Amazon

Give the gift of an extraordinary sound with Sonos speakers, a must-have upgrade for any music or podcast lover looking to fill their entire home with captivating sound. The recipient will be delighted by the seamless control offered through the Sonos app, allowing them to effortlessly navigate their audio experience offering 100 popular streaming services.  With the ability to connect and synchronize speakers in different rooms, they can enjoy an immersive surround sound atmosphere or choose to indulge in personalized audio in separate spaces. Additionally, these speakers integrate smoothly with virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, enabling convenient voice commands. 


Wine Subscription

Bottles of wine
Courtesy: Bright Cellars

Celebrate the union of the newlyweds in style with an exquisite bridal-themed wine experience. Presenting the enchanting Bridal Box, complete with a curated selection of 5 or 11 bottles of premium wines, along with delightful additions to enhance the celebration. Inside, they will discover a bride hair clip, a chic wine stopper, and a  hangover kit. The wine assortment included in this exquisite collection features the Grand Reserve Aromica, Private Reserve Aromica, chardonnay, Chenin blanc, and an Albarino. With each sip, they will be transported to a world of flavors and aromas, toasting love, joy, and a lifetime of shared happiness.



Coffee maker nespresso
Courtesy: Nespresso

This is perfect for the coffee aficionado in your life. The Nespresso machine is a true delight, offering a quick and convenient way to savor the rich flavors of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or espresso. With its specially designed capsules, each containing pre-measured, high-quality coffee grounds, they can effortlessly channel their inner barista and enjoy a consistently exceptional coffee experience. We carefully selected this model not only for its superb performance but also for its sleek and modern design, ensuring it seamlessly complements any kitchen decor without occupying excessive countertop space.



Courtesy: Amazon

This gift may not be on your radar but is guaranteed to impress. This self-cleaning bidet is a game-changer in terms of hygiene and comfort. Not only does it elevate personal cleanliness, but it also embraces an eco-friendly approach by reducing the need for excessive toilet paper consumption, making it both sustainable and cost-effective. As an added bonus, this exceptional bidet offers a heated seat and temperature control. Ensuring a truly luxurious experience. The best part? It can be effortlessly installed in under 15 minutes.


Marble Monogram Coasters

Monogramed marble coasters
Courtesy: Crate & Barrel

Celebrate a shared last name with a touch of personalized elegance. These exquisite white marble coasters, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, are the perfect embodiment of refined craftsmanship. Each coaster showcases a sleek steel letter, adorned in a contemporary font, adding a sophisticated touch to any living space. This affordable gift is practical and doubles as a tasteful decorative accent. 


Always Pan

Ceramic pan
Courtesy: Crate & Barrel

The sheer beauty of this remarkable ceramic pan will inspire delicious meals. This popular kitchen essential comes in eight stunning colors. It comes complete with a steam-release lid, a convenient steamer basket and a colander, as well as a spatula. This multipurpose pan opens up a world of culinary possibilities—it can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, bake, serve, and even store your delectable creations. Functionality meets aesthetics as this pan effortlessly elevates cooking while adding a touch of visual charm to the kitchen.


Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket
Courtesy: Amazon

Give the gift of a blissful night’s sleep with the exceptional weighted blanket. Crafted with precision, weighted blankets are ingeniously designed to provide deep pressure stimulation – a therapeutic technique that applies gentle, evenly distributed pressure to the body. The pressure can have a calming and soothing effect, helping to reduce anxiety, stress by lowering cortisol levels and promoting relaxation. We carefully selected this Amazon weighted blanket for its exceptional features, including its affordable price, moderate 12lb weight, and innovative cooling technology. 


Ice Maker

Ice Maker
Courtesy: Amazon

Ice, ice baby. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually filling and waiting for ice trays with this game-changing ice maker. Perfect for enthusiastic entertainers who frequently host gatherings, this appliance ensures a continuous supply of everyone’s favorite chewable nugget ice. No more watered-down drinks—this ice maker creates the perfect ice cubes in just 15 minutes.


Urban Stems Subscription

Flower Subscriptions
Courtesy: Urban Stems

Delight your loved ones with a gift that brings beauty and joy all year round—a flower subscription. With this thoughtful gesture, they will receive exquisite flower arrangements delivered straight to their doorstep on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This subscription is a perfect way to infuse their surroundings with vibrant colors and the invigorating presence of nature. Ideal for both the work-from-home couple in need of a refreshing atmosphere and the avid hosts who love to create a welcoming ambiance for their guests, a flower subscription is a gift that keeps on giving.


Bocce Ball Set

Bocce Ball set
Courtesy: Crate and Barrel

Bring on some friendly competition and endless fun with this fun bocce ball set. Whether the couple has a spacious backyard or enjoys frequent outings to the park or beach, this game is a must-have addition to their leisure activities. Designed for players of all ages and skill levels, the objective is simple – strategically aim to get your ball closets to the pallina (red ball). Complete with a beautiful set from Crate and Barrel, this gift is not only a source of entertainment but also a cherished keepsake that will bring joy for years to come. 


Blackstone Grill

Blackstone Grill
Courtesy: Amazon

The ultimate gift for the host/hostess of the mostest is a blackstone grill. For those who like to cook, the versatility of this grill is great as you can cook everything from burgers, steaks, and vegetables to breakfast foods like pancakes and eggs. Crafted for outdoor use, this grill becomes the center of backyard barbecues, camping adventures, and tailgating gatherings. Not only does it promise years of exceptional cooking experiences, but it also creates countless opportunities for socializing and bonding with friends and family. 


Mini Rub Set 

Williams Sonoma Rub Set
Courtesy: Williams Sonoma

Looking for the perfect gift for a couple who loves to cook or wants to dive into the world of culinary creations? Look no further than William Sonoma’s pre-packaged seasonings. With four flavorful blends including taco seasoning, classic burger bomb, pizza seasoning, and house blend, these convenient and delicious seasonings make gourmet cooking a breeze. Elevate any dish with authentic flavors and impress your guests with minimal effort.


Car Wash Gift Card

car being washed
Courtesy: Canva

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for those who seemingly have everything, there’s an unexpected yet incredibly practical option: a carwash gift card. While some people question if a gift card is a good wedding gift, we think it’s all about finding something they’ll actually use. It’s the kind of gift that they may not have initially thought of, but it will undoubtedly prove to be incredibly useful. What makes this gift even more appealing is its convenience. The recipients can decide when and where to redeem the gift card, tailoring it to their own schedule and preferences. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to splurge on more comprehensive packages that go beyond a simple car wash, offering services like detailing, waxing, and interior cleaning.


Bar Tool Set

Bar tools
Courtesy: Crate and Barrel

Elevate the cocktail game of your friends or family with a gift that equips them to be their very own skilled bartender. And who knows, with such a stylish set, they might just whip up a drink to express their gratitude. This comprehensive set has everything they need to craft exquisite cocktails: a bottle opener, a jigger in two sizes for precise measurements, a long spade-end spoon for effortless stirring, a classic spring coil strainer for smooth pouring, a handy ice scoop, and a modern-looking muddler that’s perfect for making an old fashioned, mint julep, and other artisanal cocktails.


Cheese Board

Cheese board
Courtesy: Crate and Barrel

This gift puts the cute in charcuterie! This stunning marble board, even the simplest cheese from the grocery store will be transformed into a display that exudes elegance and sophistication. We love that the thoughtful design of the chisel, pronged, and spreader knives elegantly and conveniently fit right into the board. This is a gift that the couple will cherish and utilize time and time again, each use serving as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.


Portable Bathtub

Portable Bathtub
Courtesy: Amazon

Okay, we may have lost you on this one, but hear us out. Cold plunges have taken the wellness world by storm, but not everyone has access to a bathtub. That’s where this portable cold plunge comes in. It’s the perfect solution for those who are dedicated to their workouts and seek relief from their sore muscles. The advantages extend beyond soothing inflammation, it can provide a quick mood boost and enhance circulation, resulting in increased oxygen levels in your muscle tissues. 


Electric Fondue Set

Fondue maker
Courtesy: Williams Sonoma

A fondue set makes for an exceptional gift due to its ability to provide a unique and engaging dining experience. Beyond being something that people seldom buy for themselves, it offers the opportunity to gather loved ones around a communal pot and embark on a flavorful journey together. Whether it’s the classic cheese or chocolate fondue, or the more adventurous hot oil or broth fondue for cooking meats and vegetables, a fondue set brings an element of excitement and interactivity to any occasion. 


Frame TV

Samsung's Frame TV
Courtesy: Amazon

The Frame by Samsung is a more expensive but amazing gift for home decor lovers. It’s a television that hangs flush against the wall, resembling an actual picture frame. With Art Mode activated, the Frame transforms into a captivating gallery, displaying a curated selection of art from the Samsung Art Store, which can be subscribed to or purchased. Additionally, it allows for the upload and display of personal photos and artwork collections, allowing for a truly customized and dynamic part of the home.


Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Courtesy: Amazon

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for couples to elevate their kitchen essentials, and salt and pepper shakers are a staple that sees daily use. That’s why a high-quality set makes for an excellent gift. This particular set takes it up a notch with its extra fancy features allowing you to grind fresh black pepper and flavor-rich sea salt in various coarseness levels, from coarse to extra fine. What’s even better is that they come prefilled with premium salt crystals and whole peppercorns, ready to be used.


Actually Curious Card Game

Actually Curious Card Game
Courtesy: Crate & Barrel

This is a great option to get for a couple you don’t know very well and don’t want to break the bank!  Games always make fantastic gifts, and we particularly adore this one for its uniqueness and conversation-sparking qualities. The likelihood of them already owning this game is low, adding to its appeal. Unlike competitive games, this one focuses on fostering thought-provoking discussions and creating positive connections. Each card contains a question designed to inspire gratitude and positivity by sharing cherished memories, dreams, and ambitions. 


Yeti Cooler

Courtesy: Amazon

A cooler is practical but an exciting gift to receive. This one specifically is great for outdoor activities like picnics, barbecues, camping, beach outings, tailgating, etc because it’s so light. Additionally, it has 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation to keep food and beverages colder for longer. 


Williams Sonoma Home Monogrammed Soap & Towel Gift Set 

Monogrammed towels, robes, soap
Courtesy: Williams Sonoma

A thoughtful and personal gift for the home! This set comes with 3 monogrammed guest soaps crafted by Vermont artisans with a fresh, clean scent. Additionally, it features 12 monogrammed guest towels made of thick, heavy paper that looks like linen. Choose a monogram with 3 or 1 initial(s). The best part of this gift is that it’s already beautifully wrapped and ready to go.  


Book of The Month Subscription

Box with a book in it
Courtesy: Williams Sonoma

This is a great subscription service for a couple of readers looking to expand their home library. Book of the Month is $59.99 for 3 books, $99.99 for 6 books, and $199.99 for 12 months. With a year subscription, you are getting the best deal paying $16.67 a book. With a subscription, readers can choose a book out of a selection of 5-7 books every month. If they aren’t finished with their last book or are not interested in any of the options that month, skipping a month is easy! This is a great way to get introduced to different vetted books and early releases at a much cheaper price than buying books a la carte. 



Courtesy: Amazon

You can’t get fresher juice than from your own kitchen! This is a great gift for a couple who spends a lot of money on juice or is all about health and wellness. Getting in the 5 veggies every day will never be easier plus healthy sugar. This nutribullet comes highly rated as it’s easy to clean, affordable, and not too loud.  


Luggage Set

luggage set
Courtesy: Amazon

Elevate their travel experience with the perfect luggage set designed for the jet setting couple. This duo includes a sleek carry-on and a spacious checked bag, both crafted with a 100% Polycarbonate hardshell for ultimate durability. With molded corner guards and multiple accessory pockets, organizing their belongings is a breeze.  We love the idea of newlyweds strolling through the airport in matching luggage. Choose between seven colors: ash lilac, black, gunmetal, navy, olive green, silver and white. 

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