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8 Knockout Picnic Wedding Reception Ideas You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere


And just like that, summer is finally approaching! If you’ve felt like these warm months were taking forever to come—same. We were ready to throw our knits into storage since the holiday festivities were over, TBH. What’s one of the most wonderful things that we look forward to when the summer months arrive? Picnic weddings, of course. If the sun’s out, we’re out. And if you’re an outdoorsy couple hosting your nuptials this summer, nothing beats a dreamy picnic reception. They are the perfect blank canvas to let your inner creative designer flare. If you’re looking for some breathtaking ideas, TikTok has a bunch of ridiculously good steal-worthy picnic wedding reception ideas we found that are *actually* worthy of you. 

Parasols. Parasols. Parasols!

Looking to add a touch of whimsy and shade to your picnic wedding? Parasols have re-entered the chat and are a creative and classy way to shield guests from midday rays. Not to mention their flawless, Bridgerton-inspired finish as they blend in with your wedding decor. If you’re all about thoughtful details, you’ll love the classy ones with embroidery and lace. We must say, the fabulous Bridgerton parties, with their charming parasols and drop-dead gorgeous pastel colors, have definitely had a powerful influence on outdoor picnic affairs this season, leaving the Ton abuzz. Dearest Readers, don’t take our word for it. We’ve heard it from Lady Whistledown herself. Heed her decree with haste. 

Opt for paper parasols if you’re looking for a thoughtful welcome gift (not to mention, a useful wedding favor) for your guests. Another bonus: just think of the deadly combination of sunny and shadow-filled photoshoots! Can you imagine how good they’ll look on the ‘gram? You have to admit– they’re simply just a jaw-dropping prop for some unforgettable photos. Purist perfection. You’re welcome.

Behold: Nature Ring Boxes

Themed ring boxes are one of the latest trends that we are absolutely LOVING! We love outdoorsy stylized ring boxes because they can take on so many different designs. Incorporate grassy, flowery elements for a forest picnic wedding, or shell-based decorations for a beach picnic location. From rustic-inspired styling, vintage country chic, sophisticated flower elegance, and vintage charm, the personalizable options to suit your fab tastes are endless. They’re our new fave for a reason. Genius, no?

Dramatic Nature Focal Points as the Centre of Attention

Hot take: Dramatic nature backgrounds are vastly underrated. It honestly makes us wonder why there aren’t more picnic weddings at dramatic nature points. This is a missed opportunity, people! Forget throwing a romantic affair at your local park. Let nature do its magic by centring your picnic wedding around an impressive focal point. It could be a refreshing waterfall or riverbank, a mountain near and dear to your heart, a particular beach or cliff, or your nana’s pristine rose-filled garden. Go all out. Anything goes, but it’ll provide an uh-mazing, meaningful backdrop for your picnic wedding with very little effort on your part. Win-win-win.


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Nothing Like a Bit of Palette Inspiration Drawn From Nature

Throwing your big day on a cliff? Use stunning nude palettes and terracotta plates. In a rainforest? Decorate your tables with ample, earthy greenery. In a  garden? Add wooden accents, rattan chargers, and fringe napkins. Splash light blues and sandy yellows to suit a seaside or beach venue. We adore the idea of decorations that mimic the natural colors and textures around us. Trust us, they’ll effortlessly bring your vision to life. We’re just saying– working natural materials into your wedding will keep the overall look picturesque and magical. Need we say more?


Themed Food Stations Are Always a 10/10

If you ever thought wedding food was a bore, you clearly haven’t met themed picnic food stations. Think: a pretzel bar to “tie the knot”, a s’mores station, or the classic tried-and-true favorite, a DIY taco bar for guests to make their own tacos because who wouldn’t want that? Oh my! We’re drooling just thinking about them. These themed food stations will guarantee your wedding bar to be a conversation starter for years to come, IOHO (in our honest opinion). And besides, everything just tastes better when you eat in the fresh air (or at least, in our humble opinion). Bon appetit!

Repeat After Us: Lawn Games Are The Best Picnic Entertainment

Nothing screams picnics more than some lawn games– we’re instantly obsessed! I mean, we might as well consider a classic game or two a picnic wedding reception staple at this point. From giant, life-sized Jenga and Connect Four to croquet and cornhole, there are endless options to choose from. Prepare for all the compliments (because really–who doesn’t like good wedding entertainment?). You won’t regret it. Don’t believe us? Check out the ~ extra cute ~ background games of this couple’s bohemian-style wedding. *Immediately clicks add to cart*

FYI, Cozy Seating Areas Are Always Here To Stay

All. Cozy. Everything. And we’re so here for it. Whether it’s a set of vintage sofas or a collection of picnic blankets and cushions, having plenty of seating options will encourage your guests to kick back and enjoy the day. Comfy can do no wrong, and blankets are no exception. The best part? They’ll allow your guests to snuggle up as they witness you tie the knot. We honestly can’t decide which idea we love more: seating guests on comfy blankets with pillows or a gorg tablescape to let guests choose their spot! Feeling indecisive? We suggest plush lounge furniture for a more elevated aesthetic, wooden benches for rustic events, or carpets and ottomans for low-key affairs.

Cue The Classic Twinkling Lights

Who says picnic weddings need to happen during the day? Once the sun starts to set, you’ll want to illuminate the space with adequate lighting for eye-catching aesthetics. And sometimes, that nighttime decor is best when it’s simple and straightforward, y’know? Take, for instance, twinkling lights. They’re an instant head-turner and THE decor to have for your night picnic wedding. Tie them to poles or hang them from trees. Not only will they cast a warm glow over your evening, but they’ll also create a cozy and intimate ~ aesthetic ~ as the sun sets.

So, so good, right?! Told ya. It’s a yes for all of them, we know. Regardless of how you adorn your reception and where you decide to celebrate, picnic receptions create an inviting ambiance for guests to mix and mingle and a dreamy way for you to say “I do!”. Everyone at your party will be asking about the decor– that’s a promise! Oh! And now that you’re finishing up your picnic reception planning, be sure to check our Fab Nighttime Outdoor Wedding Ideas From TikTok to make sure you’ve got everything you need to continue the affair through the sunset and into the night sky. 

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Light Up the Night: Fab Outdoor Wedding Ideas From TikTok

Does your idea of the perfect wedding aesthetic involve the glamour of starry skies, the moon’s soft glow, or the unparalleled romance of the crisp, evening breeze? Need we say more about how gorgeously dramatic nature is at this time of night? Surrounded by sparkling candlelight, moody color palettes, and a canopy of the night sky—who wouldn’t want to say “I do” after the sun goes down? Starry night weddings have been one of the most quaint, exquisite, and utterly swoon-worthy wedding themes we have ever laid our eyes on. Turn out the lights and turn up the magic to take note of these stunning ideas from TikTok that we found are exclusive to nighttime affairs.

Be Strategic With String Lights For a Magnificent Backdrop

String lights are a classic and simple way to add a warm ambiance to your outdoor wedding. Not to mention that they’re oh-so versatile. Drape them over trees, wrap them around columns or beams, or hang them from the ceiling of a tent. The warm glow of string lights will add a cozy and intimate feeling to your wedding. Opt for fairy lights for a little offbeat lighting. Once it starts to get dark, fairy lights will offer an ethereal glow that your guests will not easily forget.

Say Yes to Chandeliers For an Elegant Atmosphere

Who says chandeliers should stay inside? Trust us, chic chandeliers are what you need to set your entire outdoor reception ablaze. Chandeliers are a charming way to add light to your nighttime wedding and they never go out of style. Chandeliers sparkling overhead the guest tables create, you guessed it, a perfect starry night theme that we are all about. Talk about taking things from “hey, nice wedding” to “whoa, now that was a wedding.”

Emphasize Candlelight For a Warm and Cozy Ambiance

If there’s one decor item that screams love and romance, it’s candles. They are versatile décor elements that work with various other ornamental accessories to form breathtaking arrangements. Get creative and place them in lanterns or even float them in water. Have candles of differing heights in various types of containers such as pillar candles, tea lights, or votive candles to adorn creative tablescapes. Whether you mix them with flowers or another fancy décor, the plethora of candle options is sure to dramatize an already impressive venue.


candlelit wedding ceremony ????

♬ like a tattoo – ✿

Set the Mood For a Perfect Toast With Champagne Popping

Don’t forget the champagne bottle for a mesmerizing and unforgettable toast! Did we mention how amazing the pictures turn out? That’s right, adding some champagne illumination to your wedding is a great way to brighten up the evening with some dramatic and impressive photos. A win-win if you ask us. We fall short of words when we try to describe the enchantment of champagne popping to wrap up an intimate affair.

Add the Glow of Floating Lanterns for a Dream-Scape

How many weddings have you been to that incorporate floating lanterns? Exactly. If you truly want to light up the skies at your wedding ceremony, you simply must add floating lanterns to the list. As you and your guests light the lanterns, make a wish for the bride and groom, and cast them into the air to elevate (heh) your wedding night. The dreamy view is unmatchable and the symbolism is quite special, bringing a unique magic to your entire wedding. Count us in!

Don’t Underestimate the Deadly Combination of Sparklers and Fireworks

Just Imagine how dramatic your exit will be when the aisle is softly illuminated with the beautiful glow of the sparklers with fireworks shooting in the background. Not convinced yet? Well, picture this. You and your better half are the centers of attention as you walk down the earthy aisle and enter into bright light as the sparklers from your loved ones ignite the dark sky. You share a romantic kiss as a newly married couple as the fireworks go off (omg though, imagine the pictures if the timing works out!). The glow of the sparkling lights adds a feeling of wonder to both the moment and your final wedding night photos. Admit it, there’s nothing like capturing a couple’s grand send-off at night!

With the stars shining, stunning mood lighting, and an intimate vibe that instantly goes up a notch as soon as the sun goes down, nighttime weddings have all the elements for an unforgettable wedding atmosphere that transform your ceremony into a venue for ethereal experiences, especially with these TikTok-inspired ideas. The serenity and peace of the night combined with the warmth of the lighting create an unbelievably magical setting for an alfresco wedding ceremony held beneath the stars all night long.

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