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8 Wedding Dance Mistakes All Couples Make

As newlyweds, one of the first things you will do is step out on the dance floor. Here to help you put your best foot forward is Wedding Wingman Anna Magidson of Magic Wedding Dance. Anna says “your audience is going to take their social cues from you, so if you are smiling, laughing, and having a great time, they’re going to be in love with it.” In this video, Anna and her dance partner demonstrate the eight most common wedding dance mistakes couples make and how to correct them. Plus get additional tips to boost your confidence and make you look like a pro! 

The 8 Most Common Wedding Dance Mistakes: 

Stepping on each other’s feet:  When you’re facing each other, it’s easy to accidentally  step on your partner’s foot. Anna’s easy solution will help you avoid this situation entirely!

Performing an unsafe dip: This iconic move can actually be painful for both partners if you aren’t doing it correctly! Instead, a few safety tips and an optical illusion will save your lower back.

Lifting incorrectly: Lifts are a difficult move to nail, but don’t celebrate too soon – often novice dancers mess up in the landing. Learn how to account for a partner in dress and heels! 

Incorrect hand styling: As a non-dancer, you may not know to look for this! However, hand placement will help you avoid a lag between your individual moves so that you move together fluidly. 

Not signaling turns and spins: Similarly, when making big moves it’s important to prepare your partner by giving them a signal. Learning these signals will make your turns look clean and photograph well!

Unnecessary arm movement: Noisy arm movement is going to confuse your partner but also your audience. Instead, keep the same movement with your arms until a partner signals you to do something new. 

Stiff arm movement: On the flip side, not having any movement in your arms can look awkward. To fix this, Anna teaches the lead and the follower how to bring more energy into your arms. 

Forgetting to relax: Often brides and grooms make the mistake of looking down at their feet which gives you bad posture and makes you look short. Correct this by not forgetting to breathe and smile! 

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Anna Magison, Magic Wedding Dance’s founder and choreographer, started teaching partner dance ten years ago. She loves seeing engaged couples discover new levels of non-verbal communication, connection, confidence and fun while creating their dream dances! Anna joined Wed Mayhem to empower as many couples as possible.

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Top 8 First Dance Lessons From YouTube

All eyes will be on you and your spouse when it comes time for your first dance. Figuring out the best first dance choreography may seem overwhelming: there are endless wedding dance routine tips. We found some of the BEST first dance tutorials on YouTube. Each of the videos listed have been handpicked based on their descriptive content, viewership, how easy it is to pick up the dance moves, video comments, and production. The choreography ranges from easy to hard depending on you and your spouse’s skill levels and desires. 


For the couple who can’t quite keep the beat

Duet Dance Studio

This tutorial details 4 easy first dance techniques. The beginning of the video describes how the newly wedded couple should approach the dance floor since “everyone will be looking at you.” The video then proceeds into how to dance the “basic step” which discusses how the pair should make their way around the dance floor. Finally, the video concludes with how to do a simple turn and how to dip your partner. This video is great for those looking for simpler first dance technique advice!


For the couple who keeps stepping on each other’s feet

Ballroom Feed

Also on the easier side of first dance routines, this YouTube video adds some spice! The video describes how to move across the dance floor while also moving the hips a little, the basic steps to a waltz, and the basic steps to dancing Bachata. Combining the first video listed with this one is a great way to incorporate both easy and slightly elevated techniques into your first dance. Do not be afraid to pick and choose which movements are perfect for you and your partner!


For the couple that can dance but doesn’t want anything complex

First Dance Charlotte

Similar to the previous video, this beginner tutorial is perfect for any couple that is looking for the classic first dance style. The couple in this video demonstrates basic movement of the first dance, with a few spins, turns, and embraces. What makes this video stand out from the previous one is that the couple shares embraces throughout the choreography. This could be something to keep in mind for choreography if you want to draw attention to the connection you share with your partner and spend some time deeply gazing into their eyes.


For the couple that really needs help on their dance form

JC Dance Co.

This video not only demonstrates some first dance techniques, but also shares first dance advice in the intro. Information on how to properly exit the dance floor after the first dance song is detailed in this video, which was a concept not touched on in the previous videos. Also, more dips and different dancing styles are taught towards the end of the video. 


For the couple that have hips made for waltzing

Wedding Dance Online

Now we move onto slightly more difficult first dance choreography. This video shows how to waltz, but with connective steps. The couple in the video shows how to connect a waltz to spins and different ways to move around the dance floor. Even if you are not looking to copy the dance routine step-for-step, this video is a great resource on how to connect different steps, move across the floor, and incorporate different spins. Get waltzing!


For the couple that wants to leave their guests in (happy) tears

Wedding Dance Online

If a waltz is not your style, take some time to study the dance style in this video. This couple incorporates new movements like connected arms overhead that then leads one partner into hugging the other from behind. This video is definitely for those who can pick up dance choreography easier or want to put on a great show.


For the traditional couple that loves technique

Wedding Dance Online

This video may appear easy, but the couple demonstrates numerous spins and arm techniques throughout, which can make the dance routine slightly more tricky. The pair does classically move across the floor, which is great for beginner dance pairs to see. Even if you are not looking for a tricky dance routine, you may find that you enjoy some of the spins and dips when you try them out and can add them to your own first dance routine! See what works for you and your partner when practicing your first dance choreography. 

During your first dance together, combining what can be learned in all of these videos is perfect for getting your feet in the right place. Take your time and see what techniques you and your partner may prefer over others. Don’t shy away from the harder choreography! Even if you are not as experienced, you may find that certain moves are easier than they seem. For more info on first dances, check out All Your First Dance Questions Answered. Now—put on your dancing shoes and get to moving on your dance floor!

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