VLOG: Wedding Dance Lessons
13 min

VLOG: Wedding Dance Lessons

Feel like you have two left feet when it comes to dancing? Newly engaged couple Billie and Max are right there with you! In this video, join them at a wedding dance lesson with Wedding Wingman Anna Magidson of Magic Wedding Dance. Follow along with your partner at home through a warm-up, individual partner steps, and then learn how to put them together! Additionally, in this wedding dance tutorial, you will learn how to do an iconic dip and a simple infinity step that makes you like a pro. Stay tuned to see Billie and Max’s simple wedding dance choreography in action! 

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Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Anna Magison, Magic Wedding Dance’s founder and choreographer, started teaching partner dance ten years ago. She loves seeing engaged couples discover new levels of non-verbal communication, connection, confidence and fun while creating their dream dances! Anna joined Wed Mayhem to empower as many couples as possible.

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