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Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Makeup Trial

Most of us either can’t remember the last time we had a makeover, or we haven’t had one at all. But with the stakes so high for your wedding – you’re kind of the star of the show and all – you don’t want any leaky mascara or wrong lip color surprises on the big day. Which is exactly why you need a makeup trial run. We caught up with Nikita Jhaveri, co-founder of hair and makeup service Blush Now, to share you everything you need to know about wedding makeup trials. 

What Is A Wedding Makeup Trial?

Bridal Makeup

A makeup trial is a practice run for your big day. Not only will you be able to see firsthand how your makeup will look, but it will also give you and your artist a time estimate of how long it will take to complete. Additionally, you can chat about the timeline for your bridal party so you can have a better idea of when to schedule your hair and makeup on your big day.

Why Should I Book A Makeup Trial? 

The getting ready part of your wedding day is one of the best parts. A trial run lets you get a glimpse of the process and allows you a chance to really get to know your artist and see if you get along with them. This is a great opportunity to share what kind of atmosphere you want on your wedding day.

Wedding Wingman Wisdom

“I highly recommend you get a trial. Some people might skip out on them to save money, but it’s ultimately for you to have less stress on your wedding day. Seeing what you will look like on that day will only be beneficial to you and make you more confident.”

Who Should Book A Makeup Trial?

bridal makeup
Full Wedding Glam Look

Anyone and everyone! Blush Now says people who don’t usually wear makeup should get a trial run because “they aren’t used to seeing their face with makeup on and for their wedding day they’ll have more coverage and lashes.” A trial run will give them time to get used to it and know what they’re expecting on their big day!

However, those who wear makeup often should also book a trial run. Your makeup artist can give you product recommendations you can start using right away to prep your skin, or touch-up products you may want to purchase in the same shade such as powder and lipstick.

How Much Is A Makeup Trial?

Prices vary from artist to artist based on their full-face rate. Since it’s popular to book a trial run, many companies will have a bridal beauty package you can purchase with it included. It’s important to note that some companies will require a trial run. It’s always a good idea to tip your artist since they are providing you with a full service. 

If you decide to skip your makeup trial run to save money or because you have a destination wedding, make sure to communicate with your artist what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re unsure, try experimenting at home by following our do-it-yourself glam wedding makeup tutorial

When Should I Book My Makeup Trial? 

Before you think about your makeup, make sure you have your wedding dress picked out. Nikita recommends booking your trial run 2 to 3 months before the wedding.

“If you do anything before, you might change your mind and your inspiration might change. At 2 to 3 months out, you’ll have a more solidified look with your dress and hair, and you’ll be able to more confidently choose a makeup look.”

If you can, try and book your hair trial for the same day so you can see the full wedding look. Even better, pick a day where you need your makeup done anyway, such as your engagement shoot, bridal shower, dress shopping, or bachelorette party. Try and find a time in the morning so you can test the longevity of the makeup. 

How Long Does Wedding Makeup Take?

Again, each artist’s timing will vary, so make sure to check in with them. In general, reserve around an hour to three hours. If you don’t like your makeup look, you can always book another trial for more time with your artist. 

How To Prepare For Your Trial

It’s important to spend some time before your trial considering what makeup will best complement your bridal style. Start by deciding what you don’t like, finding inspiration photos, and thinking about what facial features you want to highlight. However, Nikita says to be careful when looking for inspiration.  

“Everyone has a different skin color and skin type. So when you go on Pinterest or Instagram, make sure to look at photos of brides with the same skin complexion as you,” she says.

Makeup products

You should come to your trial makeup-free with clean skin. If you plan on getting a spray tan on your big day, you can either get one for your trial or just give your artist a heads-up. Bring your veil if you are wearing one, and a photo of your dress. Also, if you have any makeup products you love and want your MUA to use, bring them along too. 

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Do I Really Need a Bridal Hair Trial?

wedding hair

Good hair is one of the best bridal accessories. While hiring a hairstylist on your big day allows you to take one thing off your plate, it can be stressful not having control. Many brides choose to schedule a hair trial to make sure they love their wedding look before they walk down the aisle. To answer your questions about wedding hair trials, we went to a pro, Wedding Wingman Theresa Bullock of the Bridal Goddess. Make sure to check out bride-to-be Billie vlog her experience at her trial and ask Theresa all your day-of wedding hair questions here!

What is a Wedding Hair Trial?

A trial run with your wedding hairstylist is essentially a rehearsal dinner for your hair. Pat yourself on the back, you found The One (your hairstylist)! Now all you have to do is let them do their job.

“Trials are perfect for looking at pictures and inspiration and asking what does her dress look like, what’s the style of the wedding, what’s important to this bride, and most importantly what’s going to make her feel beautiful.”

Why Should I Book a Hair Trial?

Not only will a trial run give you peace of mind about your hair, but also about your hairstylist! On such an important day, you’ll want someone around that you get along with. You can only learn so much over email – a trial run allows you to build that special bond with your hairstylist. 

Your hair trial will allow you to turn your inspiration into a reality. Sometimes a bride will be dead-set on a look, and then after their trial, decide they don’t like it. While you can always book another trial, it’s a good idea to go in with an open mind and take advice from the professional ahead of time. For example, your stylist can talk to you about adding hair extensions for extra thickness and length to make your hair more suitable for styling. If you figure this out at your trial run, your hairstylist can either do it themselves, order you some clip-ins, or refer you to a specialist.

Wedding Wingman Wisdom

“It’s a really good time to try extensions during the trial run. You can see what your hair looks like with them in and how it feels. Your stylist can also show you how to put them in and take them out so you can try them at home! Also, you will then have them for anytime you would want to use them!”

When Should I Book My Hair Trial?

Before booking your hair trial run, make sure you buy your dress first. Your hairstyle and your dress should go together. If you can book your hair and makeup trial on the same day, that would be best. This will help you get the full picture of your bridal look. Set aside an hour or two for the trial – you never know if you’ll get chatty or want to try something different.

Theresa recommends booking between one and four months ahead of your wedding, depending on everyone’s schedules. “Some brides will book a trial a year in advance, but that’s usually the bride that kinda wants to get stuff done, doesn’t want to have to think about it and they know what they want.”

Wedding Hair Trial

How Much Does a Hair Trial Cost? 

Wedding hair trials can range from $75-150, depending on the hairstylist’s rates. Hair trials are also available for any bridal party members. Most commonly, Theresa says she sees mothers of the bride and groom coming in for trial runs. Since your hairstylist is providing you a service, it’s always a good idea to tip for your trial run. 

What if I don’t book a Hair Trial Run?

Wedding hair trial

While some hairstylists require you have one, it’s not always necessary. If you don’t book a hair trial, it’s a good idea to communicate with your hairstylist what you’re envisioning via inspiration photos. And be sure to talk about timing. The trial run gives you and your hairstylist an estimate of how long it will take to complete your look, which is important when knowing when to schedule your wedding hair and makeup. If you’re doing your own hair, make sure to do a trial run on yourself! 

 “As a hairstylist, a trial run is helpful because I already have a blueprint of what I’m gonna do on your wedding day. I can just jump right in. I don’t even need to bug the bride too much about it – I can just get to work and let her enjoy her friends and family.” 

How Should I Prepare for My Hair Trial Run?

Look for inspiration on the Internet and in magazines. As for beauty prep, come with your natural hair clean and dry. Wearing makeup is helpful to fully envision the look on yourself. 

Make sure to bring any veil or hair accessories you are planning to use, or let your hairstylist know if you need purchase recommendations. If you have accessories such as earrings and/or a necklace you are planning on wearing make sure to let your stylist know, as well as show them a photo of your dress. This information can help your hairdresser choose a style that accentuates your accessories instead of covering them up! 

Answering Your Questions at My Wedding Hair Trial
Wedding hair

Three things Theresa likes to discuss with brides during their hair trial are the details of their wedding, their dress, and the bride’s physical appearance. Sharing this information with your stylist can be extremely helpful for brides who might be unsure of what hairstyle they want. Showing your stylist your dress can help you make decisions such as hair up or down based on the neckline and style. Meeting in person allows your stylist to see your face structure, work with you to find your good side, and a hairstyle that flatters it! 

While you might not think your venue has anything to do with hair, if you’re going to be outside your hairstylist will use different products than inside. It’s not a bad idea to take note of the products the hairstylist is using on your hair. Then you can purchase minis for touch-ups throughout your wedding day.

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