Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions
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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Wedding Hair Extensions

We’re here to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets in bridal beauty – hair extensions! You may be surprised to find out that they’re most likely used in all of your favorite hairstyles on Pinterest. Hair extensions are simply your hair, but better. A bit of extra length, volume, and fullness will give you a confidence boost and make all the difference in styling. However, to the naked eye, it simply looks like you’re having a really good hair day. Even better, once you buy hair extensions for your wedding day, with the right care, you can use them over and over again! Here to break down everything you need to know about hair extensions is Wedding Wingman Danielle Latoski with the Bridal Goddess.

Why Should I Wear Extensions For My Wedding? 

Natural Hair vs Extensions

Hair extensions can be a quick remedy for any hair problems you face with the most obvious being hair growth as they give you instant length. However, many brides make the mistake of overlooking extensions because they think that they’re only used to add length. If you have thin or damaged hair, adding more fullness is a subtle change but will make down styles where the hair is the focal point look even better. 

If you’re worried your hair will not hold heat styling or fall flat by the end of the night, you’re not alone. Hair extensions are often used to ease anxieties surrounding the longevity of styling as they can be pre-styled however you like to stay all day!


This is great for brides who like to style their natural hair frequently as it not only saves time but effort. They can also be key to styles that rely on texture such as fluffy braids or volume needed in buns

Perhaps, the best part about hair extensions is the ability to try something new with your hair without the commitment. Considering highlights or lowlights for your wedding hair? Custom colored hair extensions could be the answer! This is a great temporary option especially if you choose a hairstyle such as an updo as the multi-dimensional color can really bring out all the twists and braids.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? 

Danielle says “depending on the length and color, and if you need one set or two, hair extensions can range from $150 – $300.”

When Should I Get Hair Extensions Before My Wedding?

We always recommend to try before you buy! Reach out to your wedding hairstylist to see if they sell hair extensions. Then you can request them or order them in advance elsewhere to have them with you at your bridal hair trial. This allows you a chance to see not only what they look like with your hairstyle, but what they feel like. Additionally, your hairstylist can teach you to put them in and take them out. Bonus, you’ll be able to wear them anytime before your wedding day… whether it’s a date night or your bachelorette party, you’ll have fantastic hair! 

hair extensions

What Different Types of Hair Extensions Are There? 

At the Bridal Goddess, Danielle uses hair extensions that are 100% human Remy hair. This is the most popular type of hair extension due to the quality. Remy hair is carefully sorted after donation so that all the hair faces the same direction. If any hair is turned in the wrong direction, it is called roughing the cuticle, and the hair will matte together and tangle. Instead, Remy hair means the hair cuticles are intact and lay flat and protect the hair, making it look extra shiny. 

There are a number of different styles of Remy hair extensions Danielle recommends. Halo extensions are one weft of hair with a tiny fishline band at the top that you can slip over your head. Unlike other extensions, they are not attached to your hair and very easy to put in. 

Clip-in hair extensions consist of individual pieces of hair at various lengths that are much more customizable. While they require a bit more effort to put in, there’s no commitment to where you place them, unlike a halo which can only be put in one spot. 

Additionally, some people will choose a more permanent method. Danielle recommends I-tip, fusion, or hand-tied hair extensions if you’re looking for something more committed, and/or more like your natural hair. 

How Do I Find the Perfect Hair Extensions for Me? 

“Choosing hair extensions depends on the thickness of your hair. Each method works differently.” One method might be better than the other, so it is best to meet someone who is certified in multiple methods to see which hair type will suit you best. Most hair stylists should at least know how to install clip-in extensions. 

Additionally, it’s important to make sure your color matches your hair to your extensions. Some hairstylists color match over the phone with pictures, however the best way to get a perfect color match is to go in person and do a free consultation. Hair extensions can also be custom colored and of course cut to match your hair. 

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? 

Generally, extensions can last anywhere from 8 to 12 months for someone who wears them regularly. If you’re only planning to only use them at your wedding and special occasions, they can last years.

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair? 

Hair with extensions

Hair extensions should not damage your hair if you use them correctly. Danielle recommends you have a qualified professional show you how to install them as well as take them out safely. Additionally, hair extension specialists should pre-wash them to ensure they blend nicely into the hair. 

However, there are ways you could accidentally ruin your hair extensions and hair in the process. Destination brides, listen up! Make sure to not accidentally get sunscreen on your hair extensions when spraying your back, otherwise they will turn pink. Also, avoid the ocean! If you want to go for a quick dip after your wedding, you’ll most likely be fine, but it is not recommended. 

How Do I Take Care of My Extensions? 

Treat your hair extensions like your normal hair but a bit better! You can leave them in to shower and shampoo and conditioner like you normally would. Danielle says you should use a leave-in conditioner and a hair serum as well to keep the ends nice. “I recommend any of the “free products” which are gluten, sulfate, and paraben free. Some of my favorite brands are Verb, Surface, and Pureology.” 

When styling your hair extensions, make sure to use a heat protectant and not too high of heat. Brushing them regularly is key. Remember to take them out at night, as sleeping in them is not recommended. Keep them in a loose braid or in the box when not wearing them!

Hair extensions specialist Danielle with bride Billie and Bridal Goddess owner Theresa Bullock

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Theresa Bullock has more than two decades of experience creating wedding-worthy hair for brides and their best gals. She founded The Bridal Goddess to help brides transform their vision into a reality. Her passion for helping others “look and feel like a goddess” brought her to Wed Mayhem.

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Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Theresa Bullock has more than two decades of experience creating wedding-worthy hair for brides and their best gals. She founded The Bridal Goddess to help brides transform their vision into a reality. Her passion for helping others “look and feel like a goddess” brought her to Wed Mayhem.

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