The best and worst 2023 wedding dates according to Chinese astrology
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Best & Worst 2023 Wedding Dates According To Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology

Your wedding date is about more than just the wedding. According to ancient Chinese astrology, the date you choose to wed can impact your entire marriage—ie, the rest of your life. Pick a good luck date, and it could be smooth sailing. Pick a bad luck date, and, well, things could get rocky. So yeah, the day on which you wed is more important than you might have thought! 

While much of the good and bad luck traditions depend upon you and your partners’ birthdates and zodiac years, there are some general rules you can follow to ensure your best chance at happily ever after. (And be sure to check out sites like and to dig deeper into Chinese astrology traditions.) We asked Chinese astrology expert Nipa Kaowthumrong, a Chinese astrology enthusiast who has practiced the art for more than 40 years, for her tips on picking the best day to say “I do.” 

Wed Mayhem: Are there lucky and unlucky months? 

Nipa Kaowthumrong: Your luck depends more on the zodiac year when you were born, so everyone’s lucky months and years are different. For example, if you are a rooster (click here to find out your zodiac year), it’s best to avoid getting married in 2023, the year of the rabbit, which goes against the rooster, and instead get married in 2024. 

Chinese Astrology

Generally speaking, March, July, and September are considered unlucky months because in China’s lunar calendar they hold many events related to death. People tend to want to avoid having weddings during those months. 

Leap months, which mean success and abundance, are considered lucky for marriage celebrations. In 2023, the lunar leap month goes from March 22 through April 19. 

WM: What about lucky numbers and unlucky numbers? Are there any dates couples should stay away from or look for? 

NK: Yes, in Chinese culture the luckiest numbers are six, eight, and nine. Eight symbolizes wealth, nine means eternity and everlasting, and six means smooth. Four, which means death, is not good and should be avoided. August 8, for example, would be considered a very lucky wedding date. You can also add up all the numbers (02/01/23) so that they equal eight. 

WM: Are there any other general rules for picking a lucky wedding date that you can share? 

NK: In my family’s Thai-Chinese family, we try to avoid having weddings or other celebrations on a Saturday, which is considered a day related to sadness. What are considered good luck days of the week?For more lucky dates, check this calendar—just be sure your sign doesn’t clash!

2023 in Chinese astrology

The year of the rabbit hops in on January 22, 2023, bringing with it some good news: Rabbit years mean peace and hope. These years are especially good for compatible signs like goats, dogs, pigs, and monkeys and especially bad for snakes, roosters, and fellow rabbits. 

May, August, October, and November are considered the most fortuitous months to wed in 2023, and look for the numbers 2, 8, 13, 14, 17, 20, 25, and 29. October 2 would be an especially lucky date, as when you add up all the numbers in the date—10/2/23—they add up to eight. 

Having trouble finding a lucky date that’s compatible with you and your partner’s zodiac year? Just wait until 2024—the year of the Dragon is considered the luckiest of all! 


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