Nothing But Burning Love At This Engagement Styled Photoshoot
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Nothing But Burning Love At This Engagement Photo Shoot

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Who doesn’t adore a good love story? How about a love story and a rockin’ engagement look book? When it comes to formulating your perfect engagement shoot look no further because we have a glamorous look book for you photographed by Atlas Photography. Imagine this: water, gorgeous mountain landscapes, a colorful sky, stellar outfits, sexy poses and nothing but burning love. Now, if that isn’t inspiration for your engagement session  that you can’t get behind, I don’t know what is! 

Now the tale of two love birds, Joe and Diego. Meeting in 2021, the pair hit it off at a pool party. With a date set up for the following week, history began. They dated throughout the summer when they decided to take a trip to Santa Fe and make their relationship official. Flash forward two years, the couple is looking into buying their first house together. Love, love, love.

How could you not expect Joe and Diego’s engagement styled photoshoot to not be steamy, beautiful, and eye-catching? Let’s dig in! 

The shoot took place at Colorado’s very own lakes. With a beach-like vibe, the couple had a plethora of poses and locations to work with. They were in the water, on the sand, on the beach, and posed next to the local environment. With a mountain landscape as their backdrop, the combination of water and rock is breathtaking. The best part is, if you want a minimalist photo, you can focus on one location like the beach or the water. If you want a maximalist photo, then you have a whole lot of land to work with!

Next up, Joe and Diego took their photos during sunset. With golden hour on the horizon, the sun did nothing but add to the photoshoot. The combination of golden hour, sunset, and dusk creates a time constraint on taking the photos, but if done right the photos can turn out phenomenally. 

Outfit inspo! Who doesn’t love a pop of color! The simple addition of the orange shirt was genius. A little pop of color on a neutral background creates an image that is stunning to look at. The color they used wasn’t overwhelming, but just enough to add to their photos rather than take away. 

Outfit change! Plaid on white? Yes, need I say more? In our second outfit, Joe and Diego opted for less pop of color and more of a clean look. With neutrals still in the picture, the white pants with the plaid shirt was eye candy. Adding a clean unbeatable outfit into your engagement styled shoot is a must. 

Nothing is better than a beach styled engagement photoshoot. Tell me I’m wrong, I’ll wait. Again, special thanks to Casey Flock with Atlas Photography who photographed Joe and Diego’s styled engagement session. 

If you were captivated by the unique style that Joe and Diego showcased for their engagement shoot and wish to replicate it for your own photo shoot, you’re in luck! Wed Mayhem has done the legwork for you and found the perfect look. Please note that Wed Mayhem may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. However, this allows you to continue enjoying informative and engaging articles like this one. Happy shopping!

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