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Engagement Ring YouTube Videos | EVERYTHING to Know! Cut, Setting, & Gemstones

engagement ring Youtube videos

We searched YouTube with a fine tooth comb to find these BEST engagement ring videos to make sure you know all there is to know about engagement rings. We’ll cover the engagement ring setting, metal types, alternative stones, and cuts. When it comes to choosing your forever engagement ring, you may not know where to start. With many things to consider when choosing your ring, we want to help make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed. After all, this is a time filled with excitement and a new beginning! Buckle up because it is time to put a ring on it! 

While you can choose any element of your engagement ring first, it is recommended to choose your engagement ring cut. If you are interested in a non-traditional engagement ring then you should consider your gemstone options first. 

Cuts From A to Z:

To kick off your engagement ring need-to-know, it’s time to choose the cut of diamond or gemstone. To begin, what does gemstone cut mean? This refers to how a raw crystal is turned, faceted, and polished. Different cuts may accentuate different parts of the diamond making it appear larger, exaggerate its sparkle, or keep it modest. In this quick video you’ll be taken through each style of cut, the importance of clarity, and color. If you’re looking for more information on diamond and gemstone engagement ring cuts, read more here. 

Most Popular Setting:

Now that you have chosen your favorite or top favorite diamond engagement ring cuts, it’s time to consider the setting of your engagement ring. The settings refers to how the gemstones are mounted onto the metal of the engagement ring. There are many different options ranging from simplistic to flashy.  Stephanie will take you through the most popular engagement ring settings and discuss the pros of each and hacks to fit your budget.  Still looking for your ‘forever match’  try this article for a complete list of engagement ring settings and we have some extra tips and tricks for choosing the “yes” ring, here.


Awesome! You’ve decided your preferred engagement ring cuts and settings, now what flavor of metal will your diamonds bask in? Everyone has a specific personal taste. Do you wear gold or platinum jewelry more often? Which metal is more appealing to you? You may have never considered whether or not you prefer one metal over the other. If you don’t wear rings in your day-to-day life, put some extra thought into choosing which metal is right for you. In this video, the viewer is taken through their metal options with total breakdown of the components. Different metals are recommended for different occupations. For example, if you are a hairdresser it is recommended that you have a platinum metal engagement ring. This video is thorough and will cover all of your basic metal need-to-knows. More information on classic wedding bands metals can be found here. After all, it makes up the entire engagement ring! 

The Best Engagement Ring Gemstones:

Finally, if you have any reluctance towards a diamond engagement ring, you may want to consider an alternative engagement ring. There is A LOT to unpack when it comes to alternative engagement rings from the durability of the stone to how it may appear in different lighting. An exciting aspect about alternative engagement rings is that different gemstones have different meanings. For example, blue sapphire resembles love and wisdom while emeralds represent renewal and growth. Abby Sparks will take you through some of the more popular options for your alternative engagement ring. Also, feel free to read up on all of your alternative engagement ring options. 

With cuts, settings, and metal in mind you should be ready to choose your forever ring! While the options may seem endless, with a little time considering your tastes, you’ll be sure to fall in love with your perfect combo. Take your time and have fun when building your perfect ring. After all, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your love with your forever partner!

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