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Top How To DIY Wedding Bouquet Tutorials

When it comes to budgeting for your dream wedding, it can be hard to save some moola. Whether you are looking to cut back on the budget or DIY anything and everything that you can for your wedding, starting with a DIY bouquet can be both cost effective and creative. We scoped YouTube for the best DIY wedding bouquet videos. We found everything DIY wedding bouquet so that you can have the bouquet of your dreams. 

Bounce around from DIY video to DIY video for extra tips on how to arrange the flowers within your bridal bouquet. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog for easy access in the future. Then visit the end of this blog for a shopping list ideas.

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Greenery Method Bouquet

If you want to create a stunning organic-style bridal bouquet, but you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. This simple and effective Greenery Foundation method told by Flower Moxie is the place to start. This method involves four easy steps: greenery, large hardy flowers, delicate accent flowers, and then the finishing steps to secure the bouquet. We like this video because it gives you the foundation to choose your own flowers and they even have flower collections on their website to purchase. Other than the flowers the only other tools needed are zip ties and ribbon. If you’re just not into making your bouquet we also love the silk flower bouquet collections at Something Borrowed Blooms.

Garden Style DIY Bouquet

Oh yeah, garden style baby! What is better than a classic garden bouquet, especially when you can craft it all by yourself? In this super easy to understand tutorial, you are given everything you need to create your own garden styled bridal bouquet. Make sure you have a pair of snippers, rubber bands, green floral tape, rose strippers, and your fabulous flowers before getting started! If you are looking for inspiration for a neutral toned bouquet, this video is a great step by step guide into setting up your very own bridal bouquet. 

Artificial Flowers DIY Bouquet

Fabulous artificial flowers that you KNOW are going to last you forever and ever. This quick and snappy fake flower bridal bouquet video will take quite a few pauses in order to see each step clearly. The upside is that you are able to do a quick once over into the steps it will take to build your DIY bouquet. You will see how to arrange your fake flowers and what sizes of artificial  flowers you will need to purchase ahead of time.

Romantic Bridal Bouquet

We are screaming YES to this bouquet DIY video. If you are dying for that romance on your big day, which most of us are, and you want a pop of color, this is the video for you. If you are struggling to figure out how to arrange the colorful flowers in your bouquet, watch how it is done here! This video is quick and snappy so watch it beforehand before going out and buying your flowers for the big day!

Neutral Color Scheme Bouquet

Who can resist the timeless appeal of a bouquet with a neutral color scheme? If you’re aiming for a sleek, clean-cut wedding, a neutral bouquet is just what you need. In this tutorial video, Jem will guide you through the process of creating your dream DIY bouquet with a neutral color scheme. The design incorporates a significant amount of greenery, so keep this in mind when considering any green accents you might want to add or remove when crafting your bouquet.

Dusty Rose Bouquet

Oh yes honey, we want those neutral but fabulous pink tones in this DIY bouquet! When shopping for this DIY bridal bouquet tutorial make sure to snag those dusty rose accent flowers, here, or any other flower set offered at Ling’s. However, any color-schemed artificial bouquet will work just as well. If the video isn’t enough guidance, Ling’s Moment also has a written tutorial on building this bouquet.

Boho Bouquet

In this loved boho bridal bouquet tutorial you are going to need quite a few more bits and pieces. Pam will walk you through everything you need, but in short you will need chicken wire or decorative wire, rubber bands, clippers and bindwire. If you love in depth videos then this is the tutorial for you. After following along, you will be basking in the boho bridal bouquet of your dreams. 

Simple Rose Only Bouquet

If you are a rose lover, then this super easy rose bouquet tutorial is all you will ever need. Perhaps the rose is the wedding’s signature flower so why not flaunt only the rose in your bouquet? In this tutorial, we stray away from the nitty gritty and focus on placing the roses next to each other in a way that complements. Your roses should not look squished together. While this may be a simple tutorial, make sure to take the time to properly place your roses so that they look like they have always sat that way and not like they were forced together.

Easy Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

Not all of us are great with our hands and let alone arts and crafts. In this tutorial, you become a student at bouquet making school and will leave with a beautiful flower arrangement no matter your skill level. You will learn techniques along the way that will make your DIY process easy (hence the name of this tutorial)! Get ready to “open the gate” and create your easy bridal bouquet.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Brace yourself for this one. This isn’t your average bouquet—it requires patience, a variety of tools, and a love for the craft. This bouquet features the stunning blue Hydrangea, among other beautiful blooms. It’s not an easy task, but the end result—a breathtaking arrangement—is well worth the effort.

Shopping List Ideas:

Faux Bouquet Bundles

White & Forest Green


Garden Blush


Terracotta & Burgundy


Burgundy Bouquet


Faux Large Flowers

Silk Peony


Faux Hydrangea


Faux Austin Rose


Traditional Artificial Rose




Vintage Sunflower


Faux Accent Flowers

Silk Forget Me Not


Artificial Forget Me Not


Faux Silk Ranunculus


Silk Poppies


Silk Ball Chrysanthemum


Silk Babies Breath Faux


Faux Greenery

Fake Eucalyptus


Mixed Leaves Greenery




Rubber Bands

Green Floral Tape

Green Floral Wire


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