Want Sparkle? Guide To Gemstone Cuts
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Want Sparkle? Guide To Gemstone Cuts

gemstone cuts

Did you know that the way a gemstone is cut can significantly affect its appearance? When it comes to different styles of gemstone cuts, it’s crucial to pay attention to each detail. It might seem easy to confuse an emerald cut with a radiant cut, which is why we’re here to help. We’ll cover everything from distinguishing between different cuts to understanding why one might choose one style over another. 

To begin, what does gemstone cut mean? This refers to how a raw crystal is turned, faceted, and polished. For gemstone specific cutting, the color of the stone is maximized in order to enhance its stunning beauty. Diamond cuts usually have less sparkle than a gemstone cut, yet there is often a crossover between a diamond cut and a gemstone cut. 

When buying a gemstone pay attention to:

  • Cut and Shape: Pay attention to where the light hits the gemstone and if this compliments its color. 
  • Color Zoning: When it comes to colored gems, it is common to have parts of the gem that are different in color than others. It is important to remember that a proper gemstone cutter will keep this in mind when cutting the gemstone. Be aware if it seems like the cut of the gemstone does not compliment the color of the gem.
  • Symmetry: Obviously, you are going to want your stone to appear symmetrical. In the event that it is asymmetrical, the light will not reflect off the stone evenly indicating that it is a low quality stone.


The “American Standard” gemstone cut is modern in every way possible. Round gemstone cuts are the first most popular cut.


The second most popular gemstone cut. A shape made to sparkle, the 58 to 76 facets bounce light off its surface beautifully. A princess cut gem will have higher carat weight because of the four corners on the gem. A round cut usually shaves these off in order to produce the round cut. Contrary to the round cut gem that only retains 50% of its rough gemstone, the princess cut retains 80%. 


Similar to its name, this gemstone resembles the appearance of a sparkly couch cushion. This cut maximizes its raw gem making it a total eye catcher.


Similar to the round cut, but more flattering on smaller hands, the oval cut is there to create an illusion of length. This cut is great for the woman who loves a hint of tradition, but also wants to dabble in a sleek style. Oval cuts will sparkle similarly to round cuts.


Vintage pizzaz and modern charm, the pear shape appears almost like a teardrop. The pear cuts can be very flattering when worn and demonstrate grace upon its wearer. The pear shape is dazzling on short or small fingers.


A popular cut and filled with corner facets, the emerald cut offers less sparkle, but more class. This boxy and timeless shape helps the gemstone speak for itself. You will see this cut in lower grades and inclusions are more noticeable. This cut will generally look more appealing on longer fingers. 


A sister of the emerald cut and princess cut. Radiant cuts can range from square to rectangular and offer luxury and sparkle.


A beautiful cut when done right, the marquise cut does it all. Shaped with two pointed ends and elegant curves attaching both ends. Marquise is primed to dazzle. The stone will appear larger than it actually is and make fingers look long and slender. It will be easy to tell a good marquise cut from the aligned top, bottom, and sides.


Just like its name, the heart cut signals romance. When it comes to a heart cut, it is extremely important that it is symmetrical. The proportions must be visually pleasing when mounted correctly. It can be difficult to tell that the stone is heart shaped at times if it is a smaller stone. Otherwise, this setting is perfect for the romance filled couple.


A cut filled with “square cuts” which result in greater brilliance and sparkle of the stone. With a bit of vintage playfulness and classic radiance, the asscher cut is an eye catcher.

Are you excited, yet?! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting your forever ring. What is better than that? There are cuts that compliment certain finger shapes and lengths, while there are also cuts that are playful and reflect timeless styles. Take time to decipher which style speaks to you and look at a variety of placement options with your chosen stone cut.

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