Our Six Minute Full Face Makeup Look That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet
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Our 7 Step Full Face Makeup Look That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

full wedding makeup look

Life can be crazy and sometimes all we need is a quick but effective makeup tutorial. This is where we outline the necessary steps to make sure that you get your stunning face of makeup done and ready. If you are looking for a more in-depth tutorial on bushy brows and full lips be sure to tap the links. Now, get your brushes ready and prepare to curate a beautiful face of makeup in no time. 

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Moisturizing is key: 

To start off this whole look, prepare your canvas aka your beautiful face by applying moisturizer. This will enhance your natural glow and prime your face for primer! We used the Hale and Hush Moisturizer. 


A little quick primer and a little quick glow: 

Second, get your primer ready. We used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Taking a thick flat brush and a small amount of product dabble the primer under the eyes and blend out onto the cheek. Be sure to not over do anything. Next, taking a round foundation brush take a bit of the complexion glow booster to create a glowing and soft focused look. You can place this all around the face to create as much glow as you want! Make sure to blend the product in and keep things light. We used the Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter.


Contour and blush queen!

Contouring can add dimension and color to the face. This is great if you want to pull out some of your features like cheekbones. Taking your flat contour brush, grab a color that works with your skin tone and contour under your cheekbones and just around the forehead. We used the Studio Fix Sculpt Contour Palette by MAC. Finally, to cap off our face, it’s time to add a little bit of your favorite rosy blush. Don’t make anything complex here! Take your fluffy blush brush and add a little bit of rosiness to your cheeks. This will give you color! We used the MAC Sheertone Blush


Bush and fill them brows:

Now, what is the face of makeup perfection without a bushy brow? Start with your brow wax and a spoolie. Begin by brushing your brows upwards with the wax on the spoolie. An alternative to brow wax is brow glue which will give you the same results. We used the Mehron Pro Brow Palette. Use a brow pencil to fill in some areas of your brow that have some space. Use light strokes to mimic eyebrow hair. After you have filled in your brows, take your waxed spoolie and brush over the areas that were just filled. This will help to blend in the pencil with the hair. We used the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in 3.5 which works with almost all eyebrow hair colors. For a more in depth look check out all our favorite steps to perfecting the bushy brow


Did someone say eyes?:

Always begin by priming your eyes. We used the Matte Ulta Beauty Eye Primer. Using a medium fluffy brush, take a light brown color and begin on the outside corner of your eye. Wherever you place your brush first is where you will get the most color so make sure you are starting in the outside corner of your eye. Moving the brush in a circular motion, slowly begin to drag the color into the top of the eyelid. Using a slightly smaller fluffy round brush, take a light skin-toned color and move from the middle of the eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye. Blend this color into the light brown on the outside of the eye. Finally, take a shimmery color and apply in the inner corners of your eyes. This will make them pop! We used the ManEater Palette by Tarte. For a more indepth eye tutorial check out our clean bridal look


Mmm mascara:

It’s time for magic! If you wish, you can take a flat brush with a dark brown color and line the lash line. This will create the illusion of depth and thickness. Now, curl your lashes and apply your mascara. We used the Elf Lash It Loud Mascara. Complete the top or the bottom lashes first and let them completely dry before completing the other side. This will lower your chances of mascara flying all over the place. 


Finally, it’s gloss time!

Feel free to line your lip to create dimension, but if you are craving a purely glossy finish you can apply your lip gloss and be on your way! If you are choosing to line your lip, start at the outside corners and go in. Make sure to stay on your natural lip line as you trace the corners. It can be easier to use the flat side of your pencil rather than the pointy side when tracing the corners of your lip. We use the Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in the color pillow talk. After outline your lip, apply your lip gloss. We use the Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss in the color Pinkgasm. If you are seeking a tutorial on creating a full lip check out our professionally backed full lip tips

There you have it! You will have a glowing face of makeup in no time. This tutorial is great to make sure that you get on your way with minimal hassle, but you’ll be looking fresh and beautiful. 

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6 Wedding Traditions to Ditch…and 3 to Keep

Good news: Traditions are not written in stone, and you can totally pick which you embrace (and which you skip) on your wedding day. Because while some traditions can be wonderful—think: a joyful first dance between a father and daughter, your adorable nephew toddling the rings down the aisle—others  are…not so much. Many wedding traditions can feel constricting; things we feel we have to do instead of  what we want to do.  

While everyone should decide for themselves which traditions feel right and which feel cringey, we put together a list of the traditions we think should be retired—and those worth holding onto.  

Traditions to Ditch 

1. Garter toss  

Garter Toss

When was a groom sticking his head up his bride’s dress to remove a circle of fabric from her upper thigh—with his teeth, and in public!—ever a good idea? We promise that your guests are not enjoying this. Even the more tame garter rescue missions are not the coyly sexy events you think they are. For the love of your grandma forced to watch this awkward tradition at the table front and center, please skip.  

2. White Dresses

If you want to wear a white gown, by all means, wear one. White is gorgeous, and because we so strongly associate the color with weddings, it’s almost become the only time you can wear head-to-toe white without people thinking you’re headed to the altar. But that’s the problem. We’ve come so far from the whole white equals purity and virginity stuff, let’s scrap this color constraint and instead wear  whatever color dress—or non-dress!—makes you feel the most beautiful. Bonus: The industry knows  you’re willing to pay top dollar for your wedding dress, so white gowns are the most expensive. You could save hundreds, or even thousands, by picking a dress in a non-white hue.  

3. Diamond rings 

Diamond alternative

The diamond industry has done a mighty-fine job of convincing us that a diamond is the one and only stone we should accept in our engagement rings. But there are so many reasons why a diamond may not be your best choice. There’s the conflict and violence in sourcing them, the premium price tag, and the aesthetic preference for a different stone—say, a striking red ruby or a luminous pearl. Or maybe you just don’t dig wearing rings. Sure, diamonds may be forever, but so is your right to choose what’s best for you.  

4. Changing your name 

Sisters have been doing it for themselves for a long time now, and we’ve established identities under our own—not our husband’s—names. If you’ve built a following, whether that’s at work or online, under your own name, there’s no reason to have to switch it up, unless you want to. As many as 20 to 30 percent of brides opt to keep their maiden names these days, with that number increasing for more  professionally accomplished ladies.  

5. The bride’s family paying for everything

Bride paying for eveyrthing

Weddings are expensive, and the financial burden shouldn’t automatically fall upon the bride’s parents  simply because they had the good fortune of having a daughter. So many factors should be involved in  deciding who pays for what—the families’ financial situations, whether this is a first wedding, cultural  beliefs, the couple’s orientation, and so many more—that the old adage of the father of the bride cutting a giant check is just that: old.  

6. Throwing Rice

Back in the day, wedding guests threw grains of rice at the departing couple as a sort of fertility blessing/offering. The tradition is full of good intentions, but it’s possible you don’t want food thrown at  you on your wedding day. This is completely valid, and there are other fun things you can do to  announce your departure that don’t involve projectile basmati. Tossing flower petals, lighting sparklers, and blowing bubbles have become very popular alternatives, but you could always just slip out without  the fanfare.  

Traditions to Keep  

1. Wedding speeches 

Yes, these can get too long. They can be embarrassing. Wedding speeches can even become slurred attempts at a failed stand-up routine. But when done right, wedding toasts and speeches can be the highlight of the entire day. It’s a chance for friends and family to say a few (just a few!) words about the  couple, their relationship, and their history together. These can truly be unforgettable moments that  you want to have, so give them a chance to unfold.  

2. Cake


We are all for cookie buffets, ice cream trucks, and pie bars at weddings. Really, the more sweets the better in our book. But there’s something about that showstopping, tiered wedding cake that screams celebration. Besides being delicious, a cake doubles as the ultimate reception centerpiece, inspiring  enticing, sugary anticipation in all who gaze upon its glory. The cake is a wedding day icon for a reason,  and when it’s not there, it feels like something is missing. Let them eat cake!  

3. Getting your family involved 

Weddings are one of two opportunities in life to get all your friends and family in one place, at one time. (Funerals are the other, and obviously don’t carry that same level of joy.) Involving your family in ways  that are comfortable and make sense to you creates special moments, the kinds that you and your  guests will remember long beyond the day itself. Maybe it’s having your teary-eyed dad walk you down  the aisle, the groom spinning his mom around the dance floor, or your sister performing a song she  wrote just for the two of you. Bringing those closest to you into your day is a tradition that will never go  out of style. 

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