Engagement Rings Settings: Find Your Forever Match
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Engagement Rings Settings: Find Your Forever Match

Engagement Ring Settings

You’ve heard it before, make sure to choose an engagement ring you’ll really love. In order to do this, it all comes down to choosing your favorite ring setting and communicating with your partner on what wedding ring you want.

The settings refers to how the gemstones are mounted onto the metal of the engagement ring. There are many different options ranging from simplistic to flashy.  If you need a little extra FYI we have some extra tips and tricks for choosing the “yes” ring.

Remember that before considering your preferred engagement ring setting to first decide:

  • Size—What is your wedding band size? You want your forever ring to fit just right!
  • Preferred metals like platinum or gold—Everyone has a specific personal taste. Do you wear gold or platinum jewelry more often? Which metal is more appealing to you?
  • Gemstone cut and stone type—Do you have a preference on the amount of sparkle of your diamond? Do you want or need a more durable stone?
  • Budget—How much are you willing to spend on your wedding ring setting?

Next, it all comes down to aesthetics, so be prepared to search until you find what is exactly perfect. To begin, we are going to run down the different styles of engagement ring settings to help make sure you can make the right choice. 

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Solitaire Engagement Ring

The lone soldier ring and the most simplistic engagement ring setting is the Solitaire. The name Solitaire refers to the single diamond the setting carries. For a classy woman, the diamond is set high to enhance its exposure to light. This allows for every angle of the gemstone to show itself off, creating the perfect mix between simplicity, perfection and sparkle.

Halo Engagement Ring

The halo style ring is rising as the new classic. The name comes from a single gemstone lined with smaller diamonds in a halo style shape. The combination of the two creates a larger looking diamond with endless twinkle. This setting is perfect for the trendy woman who wants the sparkle to be supreme. 

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

A ring that screams symbolism. The three gemstones that make up the setting of this engagement band have a specific meaning: representing your past, present, and future together. The middle gemstone is usually the largest to increase the look of depth. This ring is perfect for sentimental women who cherish the memories and milestones of their relationships.

Pavé Engagement Ring

A setting style that almost erases the presence of the metal ring. The diamonds are set close together to create a solid diamond surface. The ring itself provides an experience to any viewer. A subtle statement ring, this setting is for the woman that adores her diamonds and wow-factor.

Swirl Engagement Ring

Similar to the infinity setting, this setting creates a “swirl” like formation around the center diamond. A ring that screams feminine and playful, this engagement ring setting is perfect for the lively woman.

Choosing the perfect ring for her is not impossible. Learn her likes and dislikes and you’ll be able to narrow down the perfect ring setting for your bride-to-be! Each ring setting is unique in its own way and you are bound to wow your future wife with any ring you take the time to hand-pick. 

Classic Engagement Ring

Like the name suggests, the classic style setting is timeless. Often a combination of Pavé and Solitaire settings, the classic engagement ring is always a win with any woman. The gemstones are set to compliment each other rather than over power. It is hard to go wrong with a classic style setting. This setting is for the woman that adores her sparkle and wants the diamonds to compliment each other. 

Infinity Engagement Ring

As the name suggests, this wedding band creates an infinity sign by the intertwining of the metal. It is meant to symbolize the connection between the husband and wife. As a symbolic ring, this setting is great for the woman who loves visual symbolism and wants to emphasize her forever commitment. 

Cathedral Engagement Ring

In this style, the diamond is nested between two bands on either side. It is firmly placed so that it draws attention. The diamond is secured which is great for any woman who may be worried about the delicacy of her ring. This setting style is great for any woman that is a fan-favorite of simplicity or is someone who works with their hands.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Acting as a combination between timeless design and contemporary setting styles, the vintage setting is hard to pass up. A setting that comes in numerous styles and options is great for any woman that likes a little classic style with a bit of contemporary twist. If she is all about waging slightly away from traditional settings like classic or solitaire, then vintage may be her style.

Channel-Set Engagement Ring

In a fresh style setting, the channel-set design is perfect for the modern woman who wants a bit of extra bling and uniformity. The combination of the embedded diamonds and an eye-catching diamond centerpiece, this ring is bound to turn heads. 

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