How to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding Colors
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How to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding Colors

Let’s find the hue you want to say I do too! With so many color options, it can be overwhelming trying to decide colors you want to showcase during your wedding. However, subconsciously everyday we make decisions about what colors we like and don’t like when we see them. Wedding Wingman Ashley of Always Flawless Productions recommends finding color palette inspiration to get you started.

Get Inspired By Your Everyday Surroundings

Let’s go back to the basics – your eyes. Pay attention to your surroundings and things around you! Ashley recommends taking a look in your closet and your house to see what colors you naturally gravitate towards. 

Also, try to notice color more often in your everyday life. Maybe you’ll see a color you love in the mural you love to walk by everyday, the walls in your favorite coffee shop, or the flowers you buy. Chances are when looking around you’re going to see a trend of colors you like. These colors are going to be a great fit for your wedding because they’re already colors you like and will make your wedding day feel like you.

Get Inspired By Your Venue 

Think about where you are getting married! Is it at the top of a mountain, a hotel ballroom, an art gallery, or a garden setting? Having an idea of your surroundings is gonna be helpful when choosing your wedding colors because certain colors are going to lend themselves better to certain surroundings. 

“I can’t tell you how many times brides come to me and say ‘my venue has this color carpet. So I need to use this color for my wedding. That is NOT the case.”

Get Inspired by Others

There’s no shame in finding your color palette on Pinterest! In fact, we recommend it! In addition to just searching for color palettes, try making a mood board of wedding design elements you like. To find the colors used in the image, simply upload to and hover over the color! It also helps you identify a color palette! 

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Ashley McHone is a wedding planner and designer who founded Always Flawless Productions nearly ten years ago. With hundreds of incredible weddings under her belt, Ashley joined Wed Mayhem to help couples dive into this crazy process with a plan.

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5 Quick Tummy Toning Exercises for a Mermaid Wedding Dress


Falling in love with a wedding dress is magical and toning your tummy for the perfect dress is worth the hassle. Completing a few quick and easy exercises to help tone your tummy is easier than it may seem. All you will need for these exercises is your body and the ground to begin your tummy toning journey. 

All exercises have been approved as time-effective ways to tone the tummy by Brad Seng, the University of Colorado Boulder Triathlon head coach, D3 Multisport head coach, and Team World Vision nationals head coach.

1. Mountain Climbers

tummy exercise

We will be ascending the tallest peaks with the best views for this exercise! Begin in a high plank position with your hands shoulder width apart. Make sure that your feet are together behind you and that you have a flat back. During the exercise, make sure you keep your core tight by thinking about drawing your belly button in towards your spine. Then, take one leg at a time and drive it upwards in towards your chest by bending at the knee and then bring it back to its starting position. Switch off legs quickly. Do this for a minute or complete 2-3 sets of 30-50 repetitions. 

2. Russian Twists

tummy exercise

Begin by sitting upright on the floor with your legs slightly bent towards you. Hinge backwards at the hips so your back is at about a 45 degree angle with the floor. Activate your core and pick up your feet from the floor. Then, placing your hands together, move them from the outside of one hip to the outside of the other hip, trying to avoid twisting in the waist. You can touch the floor each time and even add weight if you want the extra challenge. Do this for a minute or complete 2-3 sets of 20-40 repetitions. 

3. Heel Touch

tummy exercise

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs slightly bent and your back slightly off of the ground. Bring your hands out by your sides and slowly hinge sideways at the waist until your fingertips touch your foot. Make sure you are using your core and not your back. Alternate sides and continue for a minute or complete 2-3 sets of 30-50 repetitions.


4. Bicycle Crunches


Get ready to ride your bike, but in a new and improved fashion! Begin by laying on the ground in a crunch position. Make sure your arms are bent behind you with your hands on the back of your head. Slightly lift your head off of the floor without bringing your chin in towards your chest. Imagine that there is an apple between your collar bones and your chin holding your head in place. Next, lift your legs off of the floor so that the back of your calves are parallel to the ground. Then, activate your core and twist by bringing one elbow to the opposite knee. For example, you will bring your right elbow towards your left knee until they touch. Repeat with the other leg and elbow. Do this for a minute or complete 2-3 sets of 25-45 repetitions.

5. Walk

tummy exercise

You simply cannot go wrong with a walk! Get ready to strut your stuff. Take a few extra minutes during your day to walk around the block, choose the long way to work, skip the drive for your errands, and more can help tone the tummy! Taking time to walk can be time consuming, but it can help speed up your metabolism. Take a brisk walk for 45 to 60 minutes a day to help speed up the process of toning your tummy. 

Having a toned tummy is great, especially when the journey to get there involves getting outdoors and walking around. All of these exercises can be done quickly throughout your day and even before you go to bed at night. 

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