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Wedding Decor Hacks To Save You Money

With wedding bells, come wedding bills! In this video, wedding wingman Ashley McHone of Always Flawless Planning and Design shares how you can get the most bang for your buck when planning your wedding. As a professional wedding planner, Ashley teaches you how to make your dream wedding fit your budget. Spoiler alert: You’re going to want to take notes!

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Ashley McHone is a wedding planner and designer who founded Always Flawless Productions nearly ten years ago. With hundreds of incredible weddings under her belt, Ashley joined Wed Mayhem to help couples dive into this crazy process with a plan.

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20 BEST Groomsmen Gifts Under $100

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When it comes to treating your groomsmen right, it is important that they receive a thoughtful gift. If you are stumped and have no idea what to get your groomsmen, we have the perfect groomsmen gift-giving list for you. Everything from cigars to camping gear, find the gifts your groomsmen will love. After all, they deserve to be honored in their own way!

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Navy Travel Tie Storage Case

groomsmen gifts
Courtesy: The Tie Shop

Starting out classic, Tie Bar presents the Navy Travel Tie Storage Case. This case is great for bringing ties with you on the go. It is common for tie storage to be overlooked when traveling, but this case is great for making sure your ties arrive at your destination in perfect condition.


Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne- Jo Malone London

groomsmen gift
Courtesy: Nordstrom

As a bestseller at Nordstrom, this cologne has 1.7K reviews and comes in at 4.5 stars. It is obvious that the cologne is a hit, and what better of a gift for your groomsmen than the gift of smelling good? The cologne can be purchased in different sizes, which is great if you are looking to pair two gifts together or present him with one grand gift. 


ThermoBall Traction Water Resistant Slipper

Courtesy: Nordstrom

Everyone needs slippers, but the best part about these slippers is that they can be used outside! These North Face slippers are great for camping or lounging around outside. The slipper has PrimaLoft® insulation keeping all of your toes warm, ripstop fabric to prevent holes from forming, and high-traction tread so that the slipper is durable outside. This slipper is versatile and great for any groomsman that not only enjoys the outdoors, but also comfort.


Stanley Classic Legendary Thermos, Green 1 qt.

Another gift for your outdoorsy groomsmen; this Stanley thermos is perfect for keeping any hot beverage warm. Everyone can appreciate a good thermos, and when you are out with the family during the holidays or camping in the cold season, this thermos is great to bring any hot beverage along. Thermoses are versatile and can be used for many occasions, making it a great groomsmen gift!


San Francisco Soap Company Man Bar, Revitalizing Exotic Musk Sandalwood Soap

If you are in need of a super simple and easy add on to your groomsmen gift collection, this soap is great for doing just that! This soap bar has a five-star rating on Men’s Wearhouse. Everyone could always use more soap, so why not gear up your men with a new shower scent! Pair this soap with the gift of Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne to make the perfect combination for your groomsmen.


Cotopaxi Amando Fleece Jacket

Courtesy: Cotopaxi

A half zip light-weight fleece jacket that is perfect for layering or light breezy weather. It comes in 9 different colors, ranging from small to XX-large. This jacket is great for any outdoorsy groomsmen or lounging around the house. Cotopaxi houses lots of great clothing items for under $100 that any groomsmen will adore. The fleece jacket can easily be paired with the Stanley Classic Legendary Thermos, Green 1 qt. for the ultimate camping set-up.


CEMULE Classic Large Cooler

Courtesy: ICEMULE

This cooler is no ordinary cooler, but it is also a backpack. In case your groomsman is ever on the go and looking for an easy way to carry all of his cold drinks and snacks, this backpack cooler does the trick. This is a great gift for the groomsman who loves to head to the beach or wants an easier way to haul his cold drinks around town.


Herschel Supply Charlie Leather Wallet

A classic groomsmen gift, this wallet is small and compact. If you know your groomsmen tend to have a wallet with a few cards and some cash, then this gift is great for him. The wallet is perfect for not taking up too much space in your pocket and making sure that all of his cards stay in one place.


Classic-Fit Ivy Polo, Created for Macy’s

Courtesy: Macy’s

A classic polo look is great for any occasion. You can gear your groomsmen up with the perfect look; 10 colors choices and sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. The Tommy Hilfiger polo can be worn in any setting from casual to comfy. If you have a groomsman who is into the classic polo look and also likes to dress up, then consider this gift for him.


Manscaped Refined Package

It is hard to go wrong with any grooming package, especially one that is meant for his most sensitive areas. Having a set up meant for below the waist grooming can be valuable. This set comes with deodorant, electric trimmer, toner, and cleanser. It is hard to find a set like this all in one and may be just exactly what he needs.


Manscaped The Refined Package

Now, if you want to gift your groomsmen the gift of whole-body grooming, then this setup is perfect for him. This package is fit for grooming any part of the body from above the waist to below the waist. Pair this set up with the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne or the Man Bar, Revitalizing Exotic Musk Sandalwood Soap for a bundle that is sure to leave him feeling refreshed.


Unisex Backstage Pass 48mm Aviator Sunglasses

Courtesy: Dillard’s

An easy gift to leave him looking stylish, this pair of sunglasses is great for making any groomsman look fresh. If your wedding is outside, you may consider giving him the gift of sunglasses where he can show off his new look. Sunglasses are great for any occasion and are an easy gift he is sure to love.


Barrel Fermented Cigar Sampler 4-Pack

Courtesy: Pappy & Company

Give your groomsmen the gift of smoking cigars made from “Kentucky fire-cured tobacco soaked in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels.” This four-pack is the perfect number of cigars to enjoy on various occasions, let alone, at your own wedding. 


The Cigar Companion

Pair this cigar book with the Barrel Fermented Cigar Sampler 4-Pack for the ultimate gift. This cigar book details the making of the at home cigar. If your groomsman enjoys the delicacy of the cigar, then he is sure to enjoy this book. Gift him this book with any cigar and he is sure to be appreciative.


Signature Keys Rocks Glasses (Set of 4)

Courtesy: Pappy & Company

Perhaps your groomsman enjoys whiskey over cigars; this 4-set glassware is perfect. The shape of the glass is made to enhance the flavor within the whiskey, bourbon, or wine. Enhance his drinking experiences with this gift of rock glasses.


Athletic Jaws, Socks

Courtesy: Jimmy Lion

Trying to find a personalized gift just got fun and easy on the wallet. It’s socks! Most styles around $15, Jimmy Lions has a pair of socks that will show off personality and gift functionality to your groomsmen. Coming in patterns of Birds & Lemons to ET’s Flying Bicycle. On the wedding day, they’ll be pulling up pant-legs with a big smile of approval.


Knotty Tie Co.

Courtesy: Knotty Tie Co.

Do you want to deck out your groomsmen with a one in a kind tie? With Knotty Tie Co. you can design custom ties or choose from any one of their premade tie designs. This is a great gift if you want to create something personal for your groomsmen and add a treasured piece to the wardrobe. If you opt for a non-personalized tie, consider getting your groomsmen something they can wear on your wedding day. Either way, a new tie is always a win!


Novel Duffle Bag

Courtesy: Nordstrom

It is hard to go wrong with a duffle bag! This bag is great for traveling, stashing away gym attire, and much else. This Novel duffle bag is a quick and easy go to if you want to make sure that your groomsmen are happy with your gift. The bag itself is modern and can match anyone’s style. There are so many uses for a duffle bag, which makes it hard to complain when receiving one as a gift. 


Bright Cellars Wine

Bright Cellars Wine is a website that ships tailored wine to your front door. You can gift your groomsmen a one month, two month, or longer subscription to Bright Cellars Wine. The website will prompt them to enter their favorite tastes and in turn ship them a wine that is tailored to those tastes. This gift is unique and an easy way to make sure your groomsmen are getting an alcoholic beverage that they will love. Without much hassle, all you have to do is buy them a one more or more subscription to Bright Cellars Wine and then they do the rest!


TOLOCO Massage Gun

Are his hamstrings a little too tight? Maybe he needs a massage gun! The TOLOCO massage gun is great for any active and inactive man because anyone can appreciate a massage. If he is always on the go and needs a quick way to help his body feel loose, this gun will do just that. Anyone can appreciate comfort and gifting him a massage gun will make sure he is always at ease.

Selecting a groomsman gift for him doesn’t have to be hard. Consider his interests, tastes, pleasures, desires, and hobbies when selecting his gift. Based on his style, he may enjoy the more classic gifts like cigars, but if he spends more time outdoors, consider the gift of all terrain slippers or a fleece jacket. Regardless, your groomsman is bound to be thankful for whatever gift he does receive.

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