12 Winter Proposal Ideas: Make Your Hallmark Dreams Come True
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12 Winter Proposal Ideas to Make your Hallmark Movie Dreams Come True

It is officially winter proposal season (!!!) and we are looking forward to seeing many snowy, chilly, romantic shoots these next few months. Whether you want something elaborate or casual, outdoorsy or close to home, we pulled some Instagram inspo from pros to help you think about your winter engagement shoot. Scroll to the bottom to find the website links to these amazing, talented photographers!


Sleigh the day

It is finally the holiday season and this couple leaned into it. First of all, so many couples choose neutral tones for their winter shoot. That’s totally cute, but it also can remove some of the personality and definition from photos. This couple did not shy away from picking out clothes that went with a wintery ranch theme. We’ve got the flannel, we’ve got the cowboy hat (cute), we’ve got the boots. Also… they got a literal horse drawn sleigh in this magical falling snow. Totally unforgettable, private, and unique. Obviously, he sleighed this. 


Screw the elements

This couple decided to get out of the winter weather and opted for an igloo (aka bubble). These are usually temperature controlled and can have flowers and furniture in them, but give the feeling of being outside because they are translucent. This is a fun way to make a splash and have truly unique engagement photos. This also lets the couple to wear whatever they want regardless of weather, pop some chilled champagne, and not have to worry about outdoor factors.

Permission: @studio.barakat


Include your fur baby

Your pets are a part of your family… So why not let them in on the action? Give them a bath, get a cute collar, and let them romp in the snow for your pictures. It’s fun and now you’re getting a two-in-one family/engagement shoot. Pro tip: bring a friend to look after the dogs during your other shots or stay close to home so you can drop them off. We do not love the stress of getting them to stay put for the ones they aren’t included in.


Literally… Cover yourself in snow. Trust me.

This couple looks like they just had the most Hallmark movie snowball fight and snuggled up right after just for a photographer to randomly snap this pic. This is THE winter picture, people. The snow, the noses squished together, the winter accessories (gloves, hat, pearls)–this is kind of the quintessential winter engagement shot… Unless you are trying to show off your new ring. 


Let your personalities speak for themselves

Wintertime is simply gorgeous in a snowy area. So, almost anywhere you choose is going to make a great shoot that is truly focused on you, the couple. These shots capture how thrilled the couple is to be engaged. Going to an area closer by, too, is generally less time consuming and less expensive than heading to an elaborate destination. So, think about ditching the mountain top and going for a more casual, toned down shoot that still turns out some adorable photos. 


Find an extreme(ly beautiful) spot

Natural backdrops in the winter are gorgeous, especially when it is snowing. If you live in a snowy area, scope out some unreal places near you (and be wary that this means you could be caught in a snowstorm!). This gorgeous engagement shoot in Banff looks legitimately magical. The couple also took time to do some more whimsical and silly shots that show off their personality–a must for engagement shoots.


Let’s get physical

Everyone hates a boring photoshoot. Yes, we need to get those classic photos, but some really playful pics are so important to capture. Tackle each other, throw some snow, roll on the ground, and get laughing to loosen up a little. This process requires you as a couple to be vulnerable with the camera, so warm up a little and get some cute moments in the meantime! 


Think: boozy winter picnic

While the natural landscape in winter is beautiful, get some cozy vibes going with a little picnic. Throw down a rustic blanket, a portable fire, and break out the hot toddies. This is great for the couple that wants to opt for a less natural outdoor shoot or is thinking about a cozier vibe for their outdoor pics. 

Permission: @wanderlostelopements


Place you love + Person you love

Chloe and Ludvig were working at a ski resort together, and he ended up proposing to her on the very same mountain (is this too much to ask for?). This adventure couple managed to include a special place and a special activity in their shoot that produced pictures full of personality. This is also a fantastic way to incorporate a surprise proposal into your shoot–nothing suspicious about another activity day together!


Ditch the privacy

Having a little time just the two of you for the engagement shoot is adorable, and this couple captured that. Clearly, their family and friends were also there to celebrate the big moment, though, and it is so sweet to see that in the photos. Having that big group there seems like such a happy memory that the couple will cherish forever. They’ve got champagne and a bunch of really excited folks there; you’re about to spend the rest of your lives just the two of you, so what’s a little family time right now? If you’re the kind of couple that wants your favorite people there to party with after a big announcement, this is the inspo for you.


For the city slickers

This couple took pictures in a busier area and they turned out so classy and sweet. For the on-the-go couple living together in a metropolis, this could be a special way to include a place that is significant in your lives. This is also a great way to have clean, candid looking photos that feel less planned. 


Timeless NOT tacky

The reality of your engagement photos is that a lot of people will see them for many many years. This means that you should think deeply about outfits and some must-have shots. This couple nailed a neutral palette that does not distract from their love. They also got some timeless, romantic close-up shots to cherish forever. The soft winter light is so gorgeous in these and enhances the beauty of the couple. 

We hope you found some inspo that you can peruse while you think about your chilly winter engagement photo session. Save this article for yourself or send as a hint to your boo to hurry up this holiday season. For more tips on posing, check out our video 5 Must Have Stunning Kiss Poses.

Vendors (in order of appearance): L Elizabeth Events, Studio Barakat, Christopher Duggan Photography, Everglow PhotographyBeyond the Pines Photography, Banff Weddings & Elopements, Makenna Smith Photography, Wanderlost Elopements, @ chloeandludvig, Elizabeth Stroka Photography, @ sharplensstudio, Wild Heart Creative.

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Winter Wedding Color Palettes We Love

Winter Wedding

’Tis the season for winter weddings! Bring your wedding to life by incorporating winter wedding color in areas such as your bridesmaids & groomsmen outfits, florals, linens, centerpiece and your cake. Inspired by the holidays, often couples opt for dark reds, blues and greens. Because of this, brides and grooms often ask “How do I have a winter wedding without it feeling like I’m celebrating Christmas?” Here to help you avoid this is Wedding Wingman, Ashley McHone of Always Flawless Planning + Design with two winter wedding color palette options. 

Winter Pinks

Ashley’s first option shows a lot of the reds and greens you’re going to see during the holiday season, but adds other colors into the mix. The mauve, pink and dark blue additions keep your eye from just seeing Christmas colors, but still keep the winter feeling. 

Winter Greens

Our next example is more of just a green wedding! In addition to the green focus, the color palette is complemented with neutrals and blacks and is accented with some golds. This is great because it gives you a lot of that winter tone, but again, we’re not getting any of the reds but a festive gold instead.

While these are great options for your winter wedding colors, Ashley urges you to remember “it’s important that you always choose colors that you love and you’re going to be excited about for your wedding.” Make sure to check out her Expert’s Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Colors.

Meet Your Wedding Wingman!

Ashley McHone is a wedding planner and designer who founded Always Flawless Productions nearly ten years ago. With hundreds of incredible weddings under her belt, Ashley joined Wed Mayhem to help couples dive into this crazy process with a plan.

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